Surf Ninjas – Nostalgia Critic

The Nostalgia Critic is back and this time he tackles the ‘genius’ of Surf Ninjas!

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  1. You mentioned all these projects Ernie Reyes Jr. did, but you didn’t mention Red Sonja?

  2. glad someone else recognizes the genius that is surf ninjas.

  3. Love how the Critic seemed to be defending every bad thing about the movie (except the mechanical hand grabbing the guy’s crotch) and kept acting like it was the best movie ever until he woke up after being brought back to life by Transformer Jesus.

  4. This is not that bad movie especially if you see is as a comedy but yes it is not that good
    Just cos they use dynamite doesn’t mean they cannot be ninjas

  5. I loved this movie when I was growing up

  6. I love this film.

    It’s deliciously cheesy.

  7. Wait, how can they both be crown princes? Doesn’t the phrase “crown prince” refer to the heir to the throne?

  8. I think this is the kind of a movie kids would enjoy, I know I did. You’d hardly be entertained watching Citizen Kane when you’re eight fucking years old I’m quite sure of that.

  9. It’s very disorienting to see these old reviews stretched out for the screenwave player. Not bad, it just feels so strange after seeing the walls for so long.

  10. It’s been years, but…you should definitely re-review this movie. Not because it’s good. Oh, of course not. It’s just I had an epiphany about this film. Just as “The Monster Squad” might be the quintessential 80s kid’s flick…this is the quintessential 90s kid’s flick.

    Instead of swearing, the kids used childish taunts. Instead of using violence, they use kid slapstick. Instead of intimidating or mean-looking villains, they use ones that are practically cartoons. Instead of grittiness in the fighting, they use martial arts. Instead of one-liners punctuated by swearing or adult innuendos, they use cliché phrases that might as well be “Cowabunga!” or “Radical!” Basically, all the staples and cliches of early 90s kid-dom were put into this movie, and when they were put all together it exposed just how goofy and dumb they all were.

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