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Another movie from 95′.. Doug brings you his Tank Girl review.

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  1. For some reason this video doesn’t play. It seems to be the blip video itself though, as the link seems to run the advert’s fine; but the video itself doesn’t.

  2. Actually I Like This Movie!

  3. Great
    This is a pointless movie
    Good item that gives water from people
    Dud lesbians are not hot why would you even be interested it only means you can never fuck with them
    Why is Tank girl dresses up like a prostitute
    There are so many people and they let them do what ever they want
    Warriors of Virtue is a much better movie then this especially the villain
    She is a human she is not Dante she would haw been killed already while riding on the tank and making food

  4. Men, what a piece of steaming horseshit this movie is. The plot is stupid, the scenes with the cartoons make no sense, the acting is very bad and the action scenes…well there is a girl doing a hot dog while she is being shot at. Sometimes it´s like a feminazi movie, but the real problem to me it´s when the lead girl says “daddy are you sure this is right”?? that one refers to incest…a much heavier subject than lipstick lesbians.

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