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No, not the comic book movie…! It’s the other Avengers.

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  1. Yep, not a good movie. But the show it’s based on is pretty good.

    The fencing between Steed and Mrs. Peel is supposed to be an homage to the original series when Steed and Mrs. Peel first meet. They fence.

    And, the title “The Avengers” was an artifact title by the now lost second episode of the first season. The only episode where there is any avenging is in the pilot episode (and we only have 20 minutes of it surviving, thanks to the practice of wiping videotapes for reuse by the BBC.)

    Now, the teddy bear conference? Yeah, I got no idea.

    And the Invisible Man was a way to get Patrick MacNee (the original John Steed) in as a cameo. He had to retire from acting, due to having arthritis, but he would do voice over work…

    I know a little too much of a British series from the 1960s, don’t I?

  2. I love the image macro/title card for this video. Only thing it needs is Black Widow doing that sexy, er… badass thing where she wraps her legs around your neck and pulls you down.

  3. -This was a funny prank you did
    -This is a fine movie not great but fine
    -The Chinese dress is beautiful and if the wright gall wears it then so gorgeous
    -Agent Black has a cool ghost costume
    -They control there emotions
    -The bears organization is funny
    -He is invisible so what he was demoted cause he is not that good of a agent
    -He said that he needs to stop the bad guys then waist time and let them escape while getting him up on the chair

  4. Kirsten Dunst wears a Chinese dress like that.

  5. SpecialAgentDaleCooper

    The show is good, though. This movie… ugh. I was surprised I actually own it on DVD. I have NO idea why…
    Also, I know you practically said not to do this, but the British bloke is called Jim Broadbent. You’ve referenced him several times and it gets on my nerves. 😉

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