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Bad…BAD kitty! The Nostalgia Critic reviews 2003’s live adaptation of The Cat in the Hat.

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  1. Can someone be nice and name the violin piece that starts around 17:15 after Critic leaves to contemplate. I would be glad to know.

  2. Yes I’m taking it there… Rachel dressing up as a kid in this episode was mildly erotic. I’ll go slink back into my sludge mired hole now.

  3. WOW! He used to have a really attractive assistant! Both her Face and her expressions are really hot. Why was she replaced?! :(((

  4. “Shitty pop-song”? Excuse you! It’s a shitty cover to the good song by The Beatles, so you know

  5. At about 9:20 you describe the EXACT reason for the mid-90’s sweep-and-clear of the SNL staff. Just about every other joke seemed to be about how unfunny the joke itself was. And the other ones just sucked. For a while it seemed like the only time the audience laughed was when the cast made a self-aware comment of how unfunny their material was. So eventually the writers actually started writing that in. A character would pop in at the end of a tedious sketch and say “This sucks” and that was supposed to be the punchline (apparently). It’s really amazing how long the show survived on that. It was like a couple of solid years at least.

  6. after that speech about the books, i really hoped the devilchild will grab The Bible and become a saint 😀

  7. Welcome to the window into the deepest parts of hell, Nostalgia Critic will serve as your tour guide today.

  8. My ex-wife, who is Taiwanese, laughed her ass off at the Taiwanese Parliament bit, so your claims of racism are a bit neutered.

  9. this was one of my favorite movies when i was younger. of course, i now realize how awfully shit this movie is. one day i will find my dvd and destroy this movie.

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