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The Nostalgia Critic reviews 1994’s live action Flintstones movie.

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  1. So… All new comments for this site. I’m just mad there will have never been a fifth page on thatguywiththeglasses. So close! Almost at the 400th episode!

  2. Guilty pleasure this movie is, got to admit that~

  3. I never cared for the series but i didn’t hated it it was fine
    The movie is not to good and was not needed cause we had better animated movies of the series
    They chose a very good actor for Fred cause he look like the cartoon Fred
    Betty is ugly the cartoon one is attractive as that type of design is
    Wasn’t Bambam adopted in the show i don’t remember but i think he wasn’t
    There cave people and its made for the fans of the series
    Whats wrong wit Sharen Stone she look good
    She never stopped loving him
    He is a child and he is scared

  4. Critic, why do u hate The Flintstones? It’s a beloved show I enjoyed on Cartoon Network as a kid, same for my mom for when she was a kid. It doesn’t explain of why you hated it so much. Why, because it is stupid. It’s not stupid. I can even tell you even like The Simpsons better than The Flintstones. The Flintstones was a phenomenal hit back then. It was nominated for an Emmy and there’s no reason for you to hate it. Sure enough the live-action movie is bad. It’s awful. It’s stinks. It does deserve a raspberry nomination for worst picture ever. People need to stop ruining others’ childhood by making more live-action movies based on cartoon. And really with Universal Studios. They have the money to show this instead of Warner Bros. because they own a ride at the parks even though Warner Bros. owned Hanna-Barbera in 1991.

  5. If nothing else, they got the voices down good, especially Fred.

  6. i was super young when I watched the cartoon. I liked it. Use to come home after school and watch it so the prospect of a movie was pretty kool. The movie wasn’t bad and john goodman was a good choice as fred. Also the show itself was based off the honeymooners which wasn’t that funny either

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