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Yes, this review is done entirely in rhyme. The Live Action Grinch movie is reviewed.

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  1. Hey just watching this again. This is your best Christmas review.

  2. Great review I really enjoyed it. I actually like this movie, the kissing the dogs butt scene actually makes me laugh.

  3. Still one of your best, o Brothers Walker.

  4. I hate it! and iwth this video i hate it even more! 🙂

  5. This was a good movie. I’ve enjoyed it as a kid. Horton Hears A Who was better I know but I still enjoyed this one. 2 Dr. Seuss movies starring Jim Carrey.

  6. I do like this movie
    Yes it has some stupid moments but its still a lot of fun
    The original is a lovely thing
    The Lorax is great
    Whats with the rhyming
    He douse looks cool
    They remade it for some money
    Yes the scene with his heart growing did ruined the mood

    • The rhyming was because nostalgia critic tries to redo everything he does from whatever he’s talking about based on whatever he’s reviewing. It does make sense here. I agree with everything else you said though.

  7. Why does would getting picked on by kids mean that the Grinch hates Christmas? Even if the kids picked on him during Christmas that would still just mean he hates Whoville.

    • Because maybe that is what made him see things the way he couldn’t see it like the way everyone treated him or maybe he didn’t feel any love or connection.

  8. making my usual Christmas rounds and watching this again.

  9. I hope you’re prepared for another Grinch film coming out next year!

  10. James and Doug need to play The Grinch for the Dreamcast.

  11. It seems a little funny now, him mentioning he doesn’t want to see Taylor Momsen sing.

  12. 1. I’ll admit I like the song even if Taylor Momsen did try her best, but what ruins it easily is whenever it’s played on Christmas radios no matter what, my disabled sister always buts into the song and attempts to sign along with it EVERY SINGLE TIME PER YEAR which I can rarely have a chance over the holidays to plunge that horrid sound of hers out of my ears and trust me, you’ll be better off listening to Taylor.
    2. Sure with all it’s flaws, I can look past that and some inappropriate scenes did make me laugh.
    3. You’re part right about what you think of movie, but the critics and audience who seen this have a love/hate relationship.

  13. One more thing I forgot to mention. As creepy as you find almost every who, I watched this as a kid and I was never terrified.

  14. In his review of the ending, the Critic missed one of writing’s great laws.
    For a character to be interesting, they need to have flaws.
    The original was simple, so having flat characters was fine.
    But in a feature-length picture the Whos would have much more screen-time.
    So to help flesh them out, the movie had them learn its lesson as well.
    And to be perfectly honest, I think the writers handled it swell.

  15. SpecialAgentDaleCooper

    I love this review. The little twist put on it is very nice and the jokes as always are great. The movie though is middling at best, and watching it really puts my patience to the test. (Rhyme intended)

  16. Still one of my favorite reviews, even if I did love Jim Carrey as the Grinch.

  17. here again for my yearly view. Love this move and love this review.

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