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General Zod is in the film…AND IT STILL SUCKS??? Oh yeah, because when I think Haunted Mansion, my first thought is Eddie Murphy!

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  1. Yet another review with only 5 minutes of tamra And this was shirt for nc it’s not like there was no time Im seriously getting concerned

  2. The instruments actually have a place in old seances. The medium, the person holding the seance, would ask for the dead to speak, and since the dead have no lungs or mouth, they would speak through trumpets or megaphones. They would tilt tables, create smells or glowing lights, and sometimes ectoplasm. Many of the props were the type used by stage magicians, and mediums were often trained in misdirection and slight of hand.

  3. I’m not sure I agree with mentioning the live action Beauty and the Beast in a gag about miscasting movies. I mean seriously, Emma Watson as Belle is perfect casting.

  4. I’ve never seen this movie but it looks like Stamp is a delight to watch in it!

  5. Durring the gypsy woman part you should have done that archer scene

  6. You know, I thought I might be a racist just because I saw haunted and a black comedian and thought of Ghost Dad, but no, it’s the same movie.

    • Gee, I can’t wait to see the gargoyles movie! What? It’s not real? It’s just, it seemed like something they’d do.

      • Just hope they don’t give the project to Michael Bay. An older cartoon with an excuse to shove in robots, explosions, and CG like crazy? It’s exactly the type of thing he’d go for after the TMNT movie!

  7. Man, this was a forgettable movie. For something with so much going for it, you would think it would be easy to recall what happens, but nope. I remember the instruments attacking, the talking statue head things, and something about a room full of spiders and dead people. But, other than that, I barely remember anything about this movie. It’s not that I only saw it once, I’ve seen in on TV multiple times, but there’s just something about just how bland and generic everything is and how pointless half this film is that makes me struggle to have anything stand out other than two references to the ride!

  8. well Critic is concerned about

  9. I miss funny Eddie Murphy.

    Once upon a time, he was awesome, you know.

  10. sophronia_chaos

    Actually, Tamara!Ellen, I know who Anne Heche is and didn’t enjoy that joke. But Malcolm!Kanye had me cracking up. And “Treguna Mekoides, motherfucker” made me laugh harder than any NC joke in a long time. Will definitely re-watch this one a lot.

  11. The Bed Knobs and Broomsticks reference was awesome.

  12. Maybe it’s just me but getting the production team who made Corpse Bride to make a stop motion Haunted Mansion would fit really well. I have never been to Disneyland but the images you showed instantly made my think back to that and Nightmare Before Christmas.

  13. It wasn’t a very convincing Kevin Costner, it wasn’t bland enough.

  14. Loved this review! I hated the movie and everyone I knew loved it. They now say they hated it. but only after they re-watched it years later. Great Gargoyle Promo, it was perfect.

    They seriously needed a Don Knotts to play the new home owner or Abbott and Costello types would have been perfect with the spirits only attacking the Costello character
    Costello eventually befriending each ghost and finding a home for them at Disneyland where they can live out their unfulfilled dreams.

  15. Okay…so why did Zod masquerading as creepy undead Jeeves kill the Mina Harker rip off in the first place…you know what, I don’t care. The Gargoyles “trailer” was way too good.

    I high-fived the screen, and I am not ashamed.

  16. I also high fived the screen ._.

  17. …I high fives. Should I not have done that?

  18. Hell yeah! I would love to see a Haunted Mansion remake! That could be a genuinely creepy movie like Watcher in the Woods or even Return to Oz if they wanted to go the extra mile.

  19. Love the Critic… man so much nostalgia surrounding anything Eddie murphy! What ever happened to him he’s like dropped out of the movie scene now?

    Anyways my best buddy and I have started a youtube channel called On The Spot Reviews where we review different movie and game titles. Think AVGN and Nostalgia critic mixed together just younger and not as funny haha

    Give our DK 64 review a watch!

  20. 22:15 “I mean, c’mon, couldn’t you see this as an animated film?”

    Actually, Disney does INDEED have plans to make an animated film based on the Haunted Mansion that will soon come out on Disney Channel! I think it may be set to be released this October (or the next). I personally had the idea that they could make an animated TV show based on this ride. But an animated movie sounds good, too.

    That and the live-action remake that Guilliermo Del Toro is behind. My only concern about it is that it would be rated PG-13. I know there are more PG-13 Disney films nowadays, but why make more of those? Can’t we keep it along the family-friendly levels?

    • For the Haunted Mansion? No way. That needs to be PG-13 or even R. (For violence, not boobs and sex.) Disney needs some adult movies already. (No, not THAT kind!)

  21. Kris Stark-Holmes

    Not gonna lie, I was hoping for more General Zod.

  22. TheHappySpaceman

    And you, sir, have my respect once more. That Gargoyles joke just made my day. 😀

  23. I high fived the screen. I regret nothing!

  24. I’m aware that this movie isn’t the greatest thing in the world but it’s a harmless waste of time and the scene with zombies in the mausoleum was pretty scary and years after watching this, I still think the singing busts are funny.

  25. The Nostalgia Critic should be concerned about me. Yes, I did the high five. 🙁

  26. A few observations:

    1. Zod returned! Woohoo! It’s been so freaking long! We need more Zod Reviews.

    2. As long as I live, any time I think of Jennifer Tilly, I will think of “Biodome.” Thanks NC.

    3. What? You have references to the Devil and Hell, but no Malcolm as the Dark One? That’s my favorite role of Malcolm. More Malcolm as the Devil!

    4. Just wondering, has NC ever review “The Country Bears,” based on the Country Bears Jamboree ride?

    5. Yes, I high-fived the screen. I need help!

  27. I’m five and I high highed the screen.

  28. Here it is my favourite show on the internet – nostalgia critic 🙂

  29. A- review, but the Gargoyles trailer was so unnecessary.

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