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Only one can bring balance to the franchise! 2012’s biggest piece of garbage, The Last Airbender is reviewed!

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  1. What’s Masterbation?

  2. I just started watching the series due to everyone praising it. Though I haven’t gotten into it as much as others, I understand why people love it so much, the music and moves are fantastic. I just at some point think: When is the ep going to end? Maybe it’s just me, but I enjoy it a lot. I can see why people are mad about this movie, just from this review and from what I’ve seen so far from the series. (I just finished episode 10) He really fucked up.

    • Alright… After seeing the whole season and seeing two reviews of this POS movie.

      He really… Really… REALLY… Fucked up. The look on my face during this was like Sokka during the movie. It’s not hard to explain why, between his mispronunciations, misrepresentation of the nations (A friend of mine is Native American and he went apeshit when he found out what happened.) Lack of explanation, (like Zuko not leaving, why Aang got captured so easily, why Katara could beat Zuko and got overpowered afterwards, why they couldn’t fight back in the quarry, why the Air Nomads lost so easily, who that girl was at the end… There’s so much more.)

      I am glad it ended with the first movie, I actually wanted to see this movie until the backlash came and I backed off. I’m still glad to this day I never did.

  3. you know, This movie Royally, pissed me off.
    I honestly really don’t think I EVER had a movie do that to me before.
    other movies by Shamalon made me not care for him. or his works.
    but this one, made me hate him and his pretentious tripe logistics.
    I can’t remember any movie before this one, that made me Walk Out on it in the theater,
    and demand a refund, from this degrading piece of film travesty…
    even if I never saw the show, or equated it to this, I still would have hated it.
    but I can’t say that, because I have seen the show, and grown to like it.
    and when you compare scene by scene, the events in the season, with the events in the movie;
    you can tell the difference, and the taint.
    Downcasting strong roles to the lowest common denominator designations (you’ll know what I mean when you compare Katara in the show to the movie), giving their dialog & actions to the lead role to make him more fixated on the “The One” complex (again, you’ll know when you compare & contrast). not to mention the characters being either straight-up white-washed or simply ethnically inaccurate. I would call shamalon a bigot, but let’s face it. [ he’s not smart enough a bigot (<–sarcastically spoken) ], he's just geologically uneducated, even in relevance to story & setting.
    In retaliation to the ratings & reviews of this movie, shamalon said; "they just don't understand me or my creativity"… No, no we understand you, Shamalon. we get you completely.
    your an unimaginative, 2-bit hack of a stodgy prick who thinks he's the epitome of depth & story telling, when the truth of the matter is, you're too lame to suck, your "creativity" matches the caliber of a typical 5 year old, your representation of "inspirations" are insulting at best, your stories are tripe & drudged.
    And to top it all off; you are a bad writer, bad director, bad actor, and (concerning "Devil") a bad producer.
    "The Next Steven Spielberg"? "Hitchcock'ian Writer"? Don't kid yourself.
    BOTH of those, you never were, nor will ever be. and that's all there is to it.

  4. Rewatching this review for the third time. I can’t believe I’m doing this to myself xD. Every clip from the movie hurts me physically. I’m so glad I never saw this shitfest in the theater. So glad.

  5. I just vaguely remember people getting excited about the movie, and then after it came out just pure disappointment. It was… sad. Very sad.

  6. The series was perfect? Let remind you of the end of the second season. A Coup of perfectly happy soldier, that not only liked their boss, but also occured taking every damn soldier at once. Every Coup has the loyalist, the people who are still loyal to the leader, and there wasn’t. I don’t know how much the girl offered, but I think everyone would try to get more from the boss.

  7. Professor von SCIENCE!!!

    Six guys dancing and one dude to launch a single freaking rock. I mean, it’s not like it’s even a massive boulder or they’re creating an avalanche. I could pick up that god damned rock and throw it with less effort. Hell, the guards could just swat it away and then stab those guys. This scene more than anything else in the movie just royally pisses me off.

  8. Sorry to be nitpicky, but you used the wrong character in the beginning. You used the character for water (水), but the show, for some reason, used the character for river (川) in the opening.

  9. Still to this day I wonder what Miyazaki could do if he’d been handed the opportunity to make an Avatar the Last Airbender Movie.

  10. This is the first NC review I ever saw and it’s still one of my favorites because the show is probably, at the very very least, in my top 5 shows ever, maybe even my most favorite. The show was as close to perfection as I have ever seen a show come and this abomination of a movie is undeserving to share its name.

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