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How can you dumb-down a story intended for 3 year olds? Find out how in the Nostalgia Critic’s review of The Lorax.

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  1. Cthulubitesdeath2000

    I literally can’t watch these movies without cringing. Doctor Seuss deserves better.

  2. Wow, I just remembered this is a new site so all of the comments were erased.

  3. I like this review a lot, and I agree with what the Critic was getting at.

    To put this in context: I liked The Grinch and The Cat in the Hat.

    But this one? not as good. It has good moments and some that are even downright moving, but it is kinda missing the point.

    For example: “Ya done good beanpole.” Really? HE’S THE ONE WHO FUCKED EVERYTHING UP IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!

    Anyway, it had some good elements. The songs were decent, the animation bright and colorful, and I think we all wish our grandma was that awesome. That having been said, doesn’t live up to our good Doctor of nonsense.

  4. “True beauty never fades, you just need to be reminded of it every once in a while.”
    I think this is one of your best reviews, because it really tackled everything wrong with Dr. Seuss films these days. The Nostalgia Critic Rant is, of course, a staple of your videos, but I think the ones in this review really hit home the hardest. Thanks for reminding us what makes Dr. Seuss so great!

    Also, Malcolm as Black Willy Wonka was fantastic.

  5. I just realized this gave us Hyper-fangirl AND Black Willy Wonka! Awesome!

  6. That opening gag was incredibly dark. It was funny, but made me cringe at the same time!

  7. I’ not sure what Let It song I think is worse anymore. Let It Grow or Let It Go as they both suck.

    My dislike for Let It Go is more the autotune when it’s not needed as the person who sings it is supposed to be this all good west end performer.

  8. i wonder what sense is there of making talent pickups? 1st, you make people rushing, cheating and stuff, as if it was a race, 2nd obviously you cannot accept all of them and you probably have no capacity (or patience) 3rd not everyone has $ for for professional movie editors (which cost in thousands of $)

    I would rather suggest, that you search out (every once a while) guys that honestly begin their careers by themselves on internet. if you find someone, then depending on your jugdement, give them tips, a hand, or even, recruit into your brotherhood. That would be honest and that would send clear messages, that you need to have that inner call to do it. You will probably say “but that wont mobilize people to check if it is their thing…” well, you can release motivational vids, video-manuals on how to do things. Hell, people need to feel they want to do it, not the rush for gratification. people like that just waste their time and effort and probably mental wellbeing by attempting to be good at something they weren’t. Where would you be Mr Walker, if you would not had quit that job at the factory? Did anyone offer you gratification if you start being the Critic? And was “Critic” your way of simply comforting your lazyness rather than to do that factory work, or true passion? ( i think i know answer to the last question, but i just need to proove my point)

    I ask, because my point is, that now people (had) rushed to make the videos jsut because “i dont want to work at my factory/bureau” or even wont search for a job because he/she will think its easy peezy “ill just win this competition and i wont need to find a job anymore”.

    and what if, peple who didin’t win go for it now “herp i did that one for competition, i can do more” instead of searching for their one perfect job they would love to do? what if one of them would have had become a new Seuss? but he instead tried to become internet celebrity, failed, got frustrated and sour, never to find out he could be a writer, painter, a musician… Or worse, he could actually be good interent celebrity, but you had discarded him. EVEN WORSE! you applaud him, welcome to the herd, but the viewers discard him!

    this is the thing about competitions- it fails. its a bait with a dead end. People can find their talents through understanding their feelings, through trying out new stuff when they feel like it. Not through competitions. example? Me, i thought sociology studies where the thing for me “oh boy i earn my masters and ill win at life!” nope, same idea had 100s of 1000s other students and made masters in sociology worthless and i didint really like sociology either anyway! i found out i like gardening, aquariums, bicycles, but i found out quite late, i was just rushing “for the kill” for the “win at life” that i didint discover my own passions or even that, the thing that was easy, was not in fact what i would like to do proffessionally. You? how did you end up at your factory Mr. Walker?

    there are so many factors about your talent pickup, like people might have $ to buy stuff but no time (and i dont mean no time to do anything ever, but at this moment),

  9. I call this movie a guilty pleasure. It has a nice colorful feel, the Villain is pretty cool….okay, maybe not top twenty material, but still nothing to horrendous. In a weird way…. it is like a Dr. Seuss book, also, the pop culture references aren’t that bad, just a bit confusing at times. I understand your hate, but there are worse adaptations….. the Grinch and Cat in the Hat should know

  10. Thank God I didn’t have a Tumblr when everyone seemed so attracted to the Onceler for some reason, and the weird-ass shipping that went on with him.

  11. Black Winks is the best. Disney XD

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