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The Nostalgia Critic reviews the worst of the Jurassic Park series in 1997’s The Lost World.

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  1. Great review, one of the best I think.

  2. This is why the book was so much better than this film; so much more was explained. For instance, they actually explained that Isla Sorna (Site B) was the manufacturing plant for the cloned dinosaurs (oh, and the first book explained that Isla Nublar, the site of the park, was destroyed by the Costa Ricans).

  3. Of the 5 people you showed, NC, the worker killed by raptors when moving them died before Malcom got to the island, and he couldn’t have known what happened to Nedry so… to his count, yeah, 3 people.

  4. -Jurassic Park is a masterpiece
    -The seconds was terrible but i think its fine it did had problems but its fine
    -The third was good better then this one but worse then the first
    -Jeff is a good actor he is fun
    -He probably did not know that more then three people died or just didn’t care about the others
    -Maybe this is not canon to the first movie maybe its an alternative reality witch is worse then the first movie where stuff is different witch is why in the third movie the two main people from the first are not married
    -You are complaining about the hunters not knowing the dinosaurs names but think about this if people know nothing about the fact that dinosaurs are real in there world why would they remember there names if they never hunted the dinosaurs before
    -You do know that dinosaurs and animals live by there instincts they only kill to survive
    -I really don’t get how the T-Rex did all that on the ship

  5. how did goldblum have a black kid in the movie?

  6. Good Job overall.
    One flaw in the review that should be noted.
    The 3 people died remark by Malcolm makes sense because he knew only 3 deaths or at least was around when it happened.

    The lawyer – he was there with the T-Rex.
    Muldoon and Arnold – They were in the bunker with him [recall the re-activating power scenes] and only Sattler came back alive.

    The others he did not know whether they died because he was not around.

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