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The Nostalgia Critic reviews 1992’s animated crapfest about Christopher Columbus, The Magic Voyage.

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  1. I can see he need for the padding if you’re gonna make a kids movie about a historical event,
    I mean, no one wants their kid to be shown ravage & repine at such a young age,
    so I can see why to maybe leave a thing or two out & unreferenced. (which begs the question; they didn’t
    wanna show the slaughtering, but they had no problems showing the spy-glass erection innuendo? weird)
    but to alter & manipulate with total sanitization or fabrication?
    if you feel the “need” to do that, then don’t bother even making the freakin film.
    there’s a reason why people, a lot of people, hate movies like this,
    and it’s not just because of the lame songs, the horrid acting & the animation.

  2. Not to defend a terrible movie, but you keep alluding to Columbus discovering America as in the United States of America rather than the Americas as continents. Hence the temples, lack of teepee’s, and misplaced frustration about Germans covering history (not American History). Columbus landed in San Salvador and Haiti, not Plymouth.

  3. Hi, German guy here.
    I remember this movie being largely advertised in my childhood before it came out. After all, it was a German production intended to compete on the international market. Yet somehow, I never saw the movie or heard much about it. I suppose people realized how bad it was, once it was done.
    The producer who made this movie made another movie though, about a family of woodworms living Noah’s Ark. Stowaways in the ark it was called and is ripe for parody.
    It includes scenes of an old woodworm watching TV and complaining about the violence in the things he watched (among them excerpts from Star Trek2), God botching the ship’s baptism of the ark, dragons not being allowed on the ark and the woodworm couple “cuddling” together in the dark. Immediately followed by a scene showing newly born baby woodworms.

    So it would be great if you came around to review the predecessor to this movie “Stowaways in the Ark”

  4. This is a stupid movie
    Accents are so unnecessary
    If his accent is bad cause producers chose this way

  5. Yes, because the world needs even MORE freaking bullshit information about Christopher Columbus, who is probably one of the biggest hacks in history. Well..discovery wise anyway.

  6. I know, this video is old but I have to comment it. As a German guy I quite agree that this is a horrible movie, even if it is for kids, it doesn’t mean that it has to be without caring for story telling. But Doug: Why are you blaming the whole country of Germany for this? You didn’t blame Italy for making those horrible Titanic movies, do you? Besides: I never saw this movie on TV or even in german. This movie is quite unknown here. The only fact that it was on TV indicates taht it was produced by the second german television ZDF. I mentioned the movie to some friends, who are interested in animated movies and they had not idea about this. And furthermore: There wasn’t even a Wikipedia article about it until last year or so and even this looked like the english article was run through Google Translator.
    One year before this a children book with the same plot was released, probably as Merchandizing-part.
    But it doesn’t change the fact that this movie is bad. Why do they have Queen Isabella showed drunk and burb, and that in a children movie? What I can say, this movie is more known in the foreign countries than in Germany itself and this is something. Therefore: No, Germany doesn’t see American history like this, it is only some guy who made this.

  7. Wait, why did you have a picture of the British fighting Zulus?

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