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Woah. Everybody loves this movie, but is it really the masterpiece everyone says it is? It’s time for The Matrix!

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  1. THANK you. I never got why this movie was popular. I still don’t get it. It’s not even that it’s dated; I didn’t even like it when it first came out. It’s cliche and stupid and full of terrible, pointless characters. I think this was the first time I realized just how gullible the general moviegoing population actually is.

  2. Man, you’re trying WAY too hard to bitch about nitpicky stuff. If you’d cut out everything but the actual problems with the story and caharacters of the movie the review wold be half as long.

    Looking forward to the sequels though, nobody talks about them.

  3. Yes about damn time someone put this movie in its rightful place! And lol I put sunglasses over my glasses all the time!

  4. Okay, I had to watch the first movie advance, and while I disagree with you, I also see where you are going with this. It’s not perfect nor is it as great as what people say, but I don’t find it bad, either. That scorpion thing creeped me out, and I liked the spoon scene and I liked the (grand)motherly Oracle character. As for the review, the jokes hit the right notes.

  5. I did like this movie when I watched it at the age of 12 and I do own it but there are many flaws with it I find myself enjoying the parts I like and then having a good laugh at the stupid things like the acting.

    By the way the idea with the pulse in the window is meant to be that Tom is doing that so that Trinity is far enough out of the way for the explosion and glass not to hurt her. But it isn’t explained well and they never question him on how he did it or refer to it again.

    As the first time he controls the matrix this should be a big moment for him and the crew but they wanted to have an agent smith ramble instead (which can have some good stuff hidden in them but do go on way too long).

    • Forgot to mention I loved the sun glasses over the glasses thing as a person who wears glasses its an annoying predicament. That really made me laugh when I go to the cinema to watch a 3D film I have to do that and people always say it looks hilarious.

    • You are dead wrong. Have no idea where you got that idea from, I suppose you just made it up yourself.
      The reason it’s not discussed or explained is that it’s common sense. The copter was loaded into the maxtris by the good guys, and didn’t even belong there. The fact that is smashed into the side of the building with such force caused a ripple effect, that all the fighting that was going on causing basically “high bandwidth matrix traffic” made the glitch in the building. It was in one of the DVD commentaries.

      • If that’s the case then how do they know for sure that Neo is the ONE ? This interpretation makes sense of that if they know he is the one due to the bullet dodging bit then why not say he is the one at that point having it after the fight makes it seem like Neo did it.

        And oh no I shared an interpretation is that a bad thing just because the writers said that’s what that segment means doesn’t man everyone must have the same interpretation of it.

        If they didn’t want interpretations of their work then they must explain every segment of it as not everyone is willing to filter through commentaries looking for the explanation.

        Also if its because it was loaded in then how come their other items don’t do the same thing by the same logic then their uploaded guns should do no damage as they would just cause the thing they hit to deform not penetrate it like all bullets do in the films.

        I would like to see a response to this as I would like to see your opinion.

  6. I admit, I liked the first one.
    it was nothing special, but it did have a sense of epicness in it’s own way.
    it might be though, because it was the first one,
    and with a first film comes potential to do more with it’s premise on sequels (if ever came any).
    it’s just unfortunate that it went the way it did.
    (some parts in the sequels were good, but they were few & far between)
    and don’t even get me started on “Equilibrium”
    (Not a matrix sequel, but I’m counting rip-offs as contributors to the theme) {x-P

  7. This movie of WOAH, as that is the really memorable thing ever said in the movie. After seeing all three movies and the AniMatrix, the movie series lacks any interesting characters, has obvious plot holes and is actually less deep than people have claimed. Matrix is like a leather outdated version of the original Tron. If you think about it, I doubt the Agents would actually move faster than a Tron Disk, since are they suppose to move as fast as light.

    Best idea for movie yet, Captain Tron: Winter Agent, somebody make this happen.

  8. The entire premise of harvesting humans for energy is a non-effective one. Remember that those that live in Zion use the earth’s heat as an energy source, so why wouldn’t the AI do the same? They have the bloody drills.

    The reason they have the Matrix seemed pretty obvious to me: The robots still love their little squishy “parents”. They just don’t want them blundering around, destroying everything around them. 😛

  9. to MrCipher – Actually, it’s Schmuck. You got it really close, but a schmuck is basically just another old term for doofus or idiot.

    Glad you’re doing better, Critic. And I’m glad I got to see a Tick joke, that’s been a while. XD

  10. I’m not alone! My dad showed me this movie when I was younger, advertising it as a classic of the 90s. I (mildly) enjoyed it. I am much more attracted to great characters and having them having a jolly time of it.

  11. When it first came out I thoroughly enjoyed the movie as an action movie.

    What drove me insane back then was the whole “whoa, like, is reality real?” phase that everyone went through… Ugh.

    Descartes, Plato’s cave, “Brain in a jar”, these are beginner philosophical concepts.

    It’s fine if you are 14, but the adults… OMT

  12. This was very entertaining. Glad to see your feeling better

  13. My feelings on the Matrix are basically the same. It looks cool and has some cool ideas, but overall when you actually think about it it doesn’t make to much sense. I mean, even ignoring the whole “what is the purpose of the Matrix” thing, the fact that Agents can’t just teleport to any location is strange because they’re part of the Matrix program.

  14. Man, good to see you back! Hope you’re feeling better!

    As for the Matrix, I’ve always had a soft spot for this movie, because I saw it as a kid. That said, I’ve never looked for a deeper meaning in it, I just enjoyed the leather outfits, the shootings, bullet time and all the other stuff little girls are into ;). I haven’t seen it in a while, I guess it really is dated… As always, even though I enjoy the source material, it was fun to watch you point out its flaws and plot holes.

  15. Hey Doug, I respect your opinions, and if you don’t like the film then thats fine, but for the most part of this review it seems like you’re nitpicking.

    I think this would have worked much better better as “Top Eleven Things I don’t like about The Matrix”

    Also the Nolan jab was unnecessary, we get it, he’s popular and you don’t like him. Anyway I look forward to you reviews of Reloaded and Revolutions.

  16. I swear, if he calls Neo Tom one more time….

  17. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    Fantastic review! I think the disdain for the hero being named Tom comes from a certain Wiseau

  18. The giant rabbits are from Night of the Lepus (1972)
    All you needed to do is call the Cinema Snob to know this.

  19. They went over that in the second movie. They need people’s brains in working order in order to feed of their electronic impulses, but in a world of dream logic, people will eventually try to wake up.

  20. I disagree but I still liked the review

  21. To understand Matrix you have to take acid.
    At least once.

  22. Bahaha! Did he just say funky buttloving?! Great reference!

  23. I agree that the characters are not great, but the thing is this isn’t really a very characters driven movie. I mean what’s it called?

  24. Eh, wouldn’t say I love this movie. It’s okay.

  25. I love this series of movies even to this date but I can understand why some people didn’t like it. After seeing it a least a 100 times it’s even more fun to see all the flaws these movies have and laugh even harder at them.

    Also Trinity was played by Carrie-Ann Moss and not Kate Moss Critic. And last but not least the real live acting of Tamara, Malcom and the Critic itself was amazing. I just couldn’t stop laughing at the last part

    Great Review and one of your best ever made

  26. So, his name is Thenost Algiacritic?

  27. I always cringe a little when NC reviews a popular movie (or a movie that is perceived to be popular) because I know he’ll waste part of the review talking about how people are going to hate him for this and playing the martyr.

    That said, this review was a good one!

  28. I will always love the matrix solely for the action.

  29. I only saw the first Matrix film, didn’t find it all that great and I never ever saw any of the sequels, so I agree with Doug or I agree with the Nostalgia Critic…

  30. even if don’t like this movie, your arguments are weak. this movie is just dated.

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