The Next Karate Kid – Nostalgia Critic

The Nostalgia Critic reviews 1994’s The Next Karate Kid.

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  1. this video isn’t available

  2. Did Hilary Swank threaten to sue?

  3. Seriously so many video are unwatchable

  4. -This movie is dum and was never needed the only good part is Mr. Kesuke Miyagi
    -I like the firs two movies the third was dum but its good and the bad guys are fun
    -The girl is a bitch but its good that she is nice to the bird.Why are you so for hurting the bird
    -Why dose they haw to run and she she was just taring to help a bird
    -He is wright why break board
    -You are not a scout
    -How is this school security guy not arrested
    -Her fighting will prove nothing i am sure the real Pat Morita/Mr.Miyagi would not let her fight

  5. You know, my first Karate Kid movie was the first one and. . . it sucks. Even when I was a kid I knew the ‘hero’ was a bad person. Good character, bad person — and since the movie treats him as a good person, the movie is bad.

    The Next Karate Kid was the only other one I saw as a kid — and it’s the only one of the 4 originals I actually like. The move has a lot of problems, but for a pre-teen it’s just good enough so that what is good about it can stand out, and really what stuck with me my whole life is the scene with the mantis. Is the movie good? No, it’s a lame sports movie — but is it a bad lame sports movie? No. Better than any of the others anyway.

  6. So much waste. They set up Miyagi teaching her to catch flying objects but she doesn’t go back to teach those kids a lesson.

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