The Next Nostalgia Critic F Ups

Man does the Nostalgia Critic mess up!

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  1. chelovekbeznika

    Chernabog? Is looks like russian word “Blackgod”.

    • Yes a chernabog, but it is supposed to be the devil. Hell, I don’t even know what a Chernabog is or what it looks like. Sure it means blackgod, but the monster from Fantasia is still the devil. You guys could call him whatever u like but he’s still the devil.

  2. #11.I don’t care much if you do it but there are better Old vs New existing
    #10.Don’t care.If she had normal hair she would look very good with that dress
    #9.You were dumb
    #8.Its fine i understand its hard sometimes to remember name.I never can remember people names its hard it takes time and hearing it many times
    #7.Maybe but he is cool
    #6.If you cared you would haw heard it.Its a very good show
    #4.You were stupid in it.The chicken turned good from evil cause of a girl he fell in love with that chicken in the cage
    #3.It was a awesome song
    #2.Anyone can make a mistake with math
    #1.Fuck you and fuck everyone this movie is really good and you fucking overreacted so fuck you.
    This overreaction of you to a simple thing and a good movie

    You made many mistakes some fine some not so fine

    • The Old vs. New of War Of The Worlds, heck he never did an Old vs. New of The Pink Panther to see which comedy franchise is better. Peter Sellers or Steve Martin. Steve Martin: Booooooooooooo. Peter Sellers: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy.

  3. I made a mistake i said the things about #1 thinking about the time you made a mistake about Battlefield Earth mistake you make and talked like this its about the Battlefield Earth mistake what i said not what you actually put in this video.I written and pressed comment before it showed what the #1 was

    The actually #1 of this video i actually am fine with the mistake

  4. Douchey’s right about the Full House mother. She didn’t die from any disease, she was killed by a drunk driver. I’ve read it on Wikipedia and I already know and my mom watched the show and she knows too. I don’t remember much of the show as a kid but yes the wife was killed by a drunk driver, not dying from any disease.

  5. I honestly didn’t notice the 9+9+9 thing but I think having it add up to 21 makes it even funnier now that its pointed out.

  6. I know I’m years late on this, but Chernabog is the devil. As someone said before, the name translates to “black god” and in Slavic mythology, he is considered to be the devil (not in the same sense as the Christian devil though).

  7. How much fun was it to yell, “ARE YOU MASTERBATIN’ AGAIN?!”?

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