The Odd Life of Timothy Green – Nostalgia Critic

I think this film used too much fertilizer. The Nostalgia Critic returns to review the Odd Life of Timothy Green!

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  1. 19 minutes in….NO NO NO NO NO!

    great video as always!

  2. I remember watching this review for the first time knowing that it felt good to see the Nostalgia Critic back from the plot hole for good and knowing that he would continue to make reviews and editorials for years to come. Now even though there are some people that are liking the editorials more than the actual reviews now a days I’m still really fond to see the NC still making more reviews and editorials up to this day even though Doug wanted to originally stop making them back in 2012 and wanted to make some new stuff that isn’t related to making reviews for the Nostalgia Critic such as Demo Reel which in my opinion was good and hilarious to watch. So I’m DEFINITELY glad to see that there are still more and more reviews and editorials coming each week and if you had to ask me which is better nowadays the reviews or the editorials I would say “I don’t know I like both equally as much”. Nostalgia Critic (Doug Walker) if you’re reading this comment then continue to make such great content and continue to remember it so we don’t have to even if you don’t want to for most of the stuff you review.

  3. -By god this is crap the people are morons
    -The murder of a Cat is not funny why a Cat why not a human there is no problem with human murder
    -It is funny how your wife is talking about you not having a working dick without pills

  4. This movie is horrible. Yeah we all want perfect people in our lives–and yes it’s stupid to say we wouldn’t want to change something about our kids, partners, friends, and the world in general–but that’s not reality. Part of living is accepting that things *aren’t* perfect. Part of living is learning and adapting to how people mess up, sometimes deliberately because of personality conflict or they have some flaw. The idea of “making” a perfect child is idealistic when you think of it, but after you think about it longer than 15 seconds you think “Wow, that sounds like eugenics”.

    Not only that, but they want a child that they couldn’t possibly get with each other. Why should a child be perfect in the shit you’re bad at? That doesn’t make sense. That’s not how having kids works–if you have bad eyesight, you shouldn’t be disappointed when your kid has bad eyesight as well.

  5. Thank you for saving me from watching this movie. Hated the whole cat-killing joke, though.I can laugh about almost anything, but not that.

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