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The Nostalgia Critic reviews 1995’s The Pebble and the Penguin.

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  1. This is a bad movie but its fine to watch it
    The bad once that you showed two are very good and a third one witch is fine the other are shit
    The song are nothing special but fine
    I found Waldo he is on the top left corner
    I can’t believe you are forgetting that you cannot die until you finish the review
    Blood is not that bright

  2. I believe the “seal” is a sea leopard, which does grow freakishly large. Which would place the movie in Antarctica XD

  3. Okay, so speaking of Barry Manilow stealing music: Was I the only one who heard ‘The Good Ship Misery’ and immediately thought of ‘We’re Despicable (Plunderer’s March)’ from Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol? Sure, it came thirty-some-odd years before, but the tune is similar, the plodding march-like beat of it, heck, I think the chords might even be the same here and there. I mean, is it my imagination, or did anyone else hear the similarities?

  4. I like this movie, but I can ruin it for all of you… this movie is based on the real life prostitution of penguins.

  5. I had always wondered why did the penguins reminded me of Jeremy from secret of nimh.

    Poor Don, maybe they got him drunk before signing him in.

    Still, it is kind of sad there are no more hand-drawn cartoon movies, it’s mostly computer generated, even thou I don’t have anything against using computers in animation. But anyway, that’s my opinion, as studios needs money to go on and that’s what the bulk of the people are asking then…

    But this one was not the best example of 2d animation…

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