The Plot to Frozen 2 – Nostalgia Critic

The story to one of the biggest sequels ever is finally revealed! The Nostalgia Critic gives you the plot to Frozen 2!

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    I didn’t hate TMNT 2014, but can’t wait for next week!

    • futuremoviewriter

      I have an excruciatingly long list of movies that I’ve predicted he’ll review. There are at least 300 titles on it and a couple hands full of specials ideas. I got 14 movies and 1 special (Top 11 Best Avatars) since I started. First one I got was Jurassic Park III. I technically count The Lorax (which was a few weeks before) and Monster Squad (which I wrote down the day of right before it was released) though because of missing Forest Warrior (which came out of the fucking blue) and Care Bears in Toyland (which he said before that he’d never review). Along with Commercials 5, I missed BloodRayne; Maximum Overdrive; Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer and Christmas Story 2. I need to check my list to see if I got Ninja Turtles. I’m gonna be pissed if I forgot to add it.

      • I was expecting Doug to review this a few years down the line, but I assume that the fans *really* wanted to see this one done despite both Doug and James doing their own individual reviews of the movie as themselves..

      • well done with that first comment Rockman, my sentiments eactly! Why is there not a thumbs up rating system on these comments? Lol.

        Btw they also did a review on TMNT in general as themselves together as well.

    • Same here. It wasn’t great but it was still at least semi enjoyable. But yeah, NC reviews are meant to be humorous anyway so I’m sure Critic and Nerd will tear it a new one, and it will be enjoyed.

    • batmanmiyazaki96

      TMNT 2014 was one of the worst movies I saw last year! We need to save our childhoods from Michael Bay some how……but at least it was better than Ninja Turtles 3

    • ROCKMAN X3 is why you need to tear the movie to shreds.
      It’s so bad that there are APOLOGISTS all over the internet

      as a movie or turtle adaptation it’s just technically poorly made.
      It’s a movie about CG characters that doesn’t know how to do CG,a Ninja Turtle movie with turtles so huge they couldn’t possibly be ninjas..that book… the more i think about it the more I’m positive it’s as bad as a movie can get

      • lol, Turtles 3 is much much much worse than this movie.

        It’s really not *that* bad.

        • Also, at least the movie didn’t turn out like the leaked script with alien turtles. Now *that* was awful.

          • same exact writers and parts of that script are in the movie still.
            they’ve said in interviews the plan is to use the rest for the next one

            just like they did with transformers and Rise of the Fallen

          • I actually wouldn’t have minded the whole twist of the alien ooze IF it meant the Alien Planet it came from was Dimension X, therefore connecting the plot to Crang, the Rock soldiers, and all those other characters from the cartoon.

            As suppose to ,”Hey! Remember all you’re favorite characters from the show? Bebop, Rocksteady, Baxter Stockman, Leatherhead, Slash, the Rat King? Yeah fuck all those guys, instead, lets get Vernon freaking Fenwick in on this shit.

    • AWESOME! I CAN NOT WAIT FOR NEXT WEEKS EPISODE! Doug please make sure that Malcolm will be able to record a behind the scenes of this episode. The last couple of episodes did not get a behind the scenes video but please make sure that this one will!

    • You didnt hate it? than ur not a fan… big deal.



    • I would love to see a review of Silent Hill 2: Revelations myself

  2. 2 crossovers next week? *laughs like a small child on crack*

  3. I love the completely “legit” plot to Frozen 2. That sounds like a winner to me.

    But that ending…I smiled. But then…NERRRRDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!! I fanboyed all around. This is the best thing ever!!!

  4. I love that you are doing the TMNT watched it before and…. I don’t know what to say.
    I wish however that you would review Cirque du freak vampires assistans. It’s just horrible and I saw the whole and then hit the disc because I didn’t want anyone else to see those horrible images.

  5. This video was funny. I can’t wait for next weeks crossover.

    When I heard there was going to be Frozen 2, I was like “F**K DISNEY. YOU JUST COULDN’T RESIST!” But then I heard of the development behind it, I’m actually less skeptical about it and kinda looking forward to seeing it and because History is showing to be a very useless tool to predict trends especially when it comes to Disney Animation films.

    What do you guys think?

    • I’m not the biggest fan of Frozen but I do feel it’s a self contained story and wouldn’t fit a sequel very well but considering what a monster hit it was Disney just couldnt resist. The least we can hope for is that all that money will allow some more underground Disney projects to get made.

      • I would argue, as someone who has written extensive fanfiction on the subject, there’s a lot of potential for a sequel story. The angle I found most interesting was that there was no confusion among the people when Elsa’s powers are revealed, but an immediate negative reaction. The duke even says it’s ‘sorcery’. I think that means that magic powers are an established thing in their world, and there must be others out there who also have powers. Those people are probably facing a lot of fear and persecution themselves, and may go to Arendelle to seek refuge. Meanwhile, the other kingdoms who presumably have less tolerance for people with world-destroying magic powers must be enraged to hear that the people of Arendelle allowed the Snow Queen to rule their kingdom.
        So you’ve got people with magic powers allying themselves with Arendelle, other kingdoms declaring war on them, and then they have to band together to protect themselves and … the whole thing turns into X-Men with singing and dancing. Could be pretty cool.

        • That is a very interesting idea, DarkenedWolfEye.

        • I like it! It’ll be like the end tag to “Frozen: How It Should Have Ended”…they’ll even find a way to throw Hugh Jackman in, so he can sing an epic duet with Elsa!

          In all seriousness, though, the only thing I’m reeeeeeally hoping is that they don’t do the cliche thing and give Elsa a love interest. Or throw some random conflict-for-the-sake-of-conflict into Anna and Kristoff’s relationship.

    • The only good sequel Disney has made (Rescuers Down Under) came from a very mediocre movie as its predecessor. By contrast, anytime they’ve made a sequel to one of their big hits (The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, etc) said sequel always sucked major balls.

      The Aladdin sequels were okay, though I think that’s because they function more like bookends to the Aladdin TV series. Atlants II was also okay, but that’s because they put some effort into it thinking it was going to be a TV show.

      And why DIDN’T it become a TV show? I would’ve watched it EVERY DAY.

      • I take it you’ve never seen Toy Story 2?

      • The 20+ Disney Direct-To-Video sequels (“The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride”, “Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas”, “Hunchback of Notre Dame II”, “Cinderella II: Dreams Come True”, “The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea”, etc.) were all done by DisneyToon Studios, their television department. Their feature-film department, Walt Disney Animation Studios, the ones behind the likes of “Beauty and the Beast”, “The Lion King”, “Frozen”, etc. however, has made 3 sequels, all of which live up to their usual standard of quality (“The Rescuers Down Under”, “Fantasia 2000” and “Winnie the Pooh”). “Frozen 2” will be the fourth one handled by them, it will also be the first one handled by the same creative team as it’s predecessor. Also, it was announced by John Lasseter (Chief Creative Officer of Disney and PIXAR Co-founder), just after the release of “The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning”, that there would be no more of the DTV sequels made.

        • No more DTV sequels?


        • Ahhhhhh…it totally makes sense that the only good sequels were the only ones actually written by WDAS. Seems they’ve finally picked up on that, and want to put some real effort into Frozen 2. All I hope is that they don’t do the epically cliche move and give Elsa a love interest. C’mon, Disney, you’ve made some good progress with Brave and Frozen [not only did they leave Elsa single, but she’s the first single queen who isn’t evil, aaand no one even made an issue of her single status! Le gasp!] Let’s keep it up!

          P.S. I second the PRAISE TO SANTA CHRIST! No more DTV sequels!

  6. I like that Doug, that was funny. Early April fools joke. Can’t wait for the next review, also NEEEEERRRRRRRRRRD.

  7. How long until someone on writes an adaptation of NC’s “Frozen 2” plot?

    • Well let’s do the math here, this video was posted roughly before lunchtime, the internet moves at the speed of sound, fanfiction moves at the speed of light, multiply that by the number of NC fans and the script is already written.
      I am full of it.

  8. Well, if everybody else is….NERDDDDD!!!!!! 🙂

  9. Doug,

    Would you or any of the Channel Awesome gang ever come to a convention in Seattle? I’m sure there are plenty of fans of you, or the Cinema Snob among others here in the great Pacific Northwest!

    Also, I’ve been watching your videos for the last several years and they’ve helped me get through some hard depression filled times–so a much belated THANK YOU!


  10. LOL!!! I like your plot better. Pitch it to Disney ASAP!

  11. I’ve been wondering if this would happen, and next week can not come soon enough!!!!

    I want to see this now! I want to see the BTS! I want everything now, not then!


  12. Oh man two Nostalgia Critic crossovers, with a couple of awesome reviewers and both are over Michael Bay shitfests, this is gonna be sweet

  13. Sad thing is, I actually think they would do that in Frozen 2 because… yeah I’m cynical


  14. I’m actually going to do my first ever Old vs. New review on the 1990 film and the reboot some time in fall and it’s going to be with a Ninja Turtle. The problem is… I don’t know what to call it as I see saying Old Vs. New would be copying NC and I don’t want to do that. Uuuummmmm… How does Battle of the Franchises sound to you guys?

  15. I’m so excited for the review next week!

  16. Ok….Can someone please tell me how the hell Jack Sparrow is related to The Little Mermaid in any way….because that just makes not sense whatsoever.

    • Professor von SCIENCE!!!

      There were mermaids in the fourth movie and… Jack was going to fall in love with one in the planned fifth movie where he would be transformed into King Trident and Barbossa decided he was unhappy as a man and became Ursula after making a deal with Calypso. Boom, perfect connection.

  17. Two Nostalgia Critic Crossovers for next week?

  18. “Frozen 2” sounds more like a fanfic when you tell it… Huh, it’s not even April Fool’s Day yet, but we get an editorial that would fit for such an occasion. OMG a movie crossover with AVGN?!? Can’t hardly wait!

    I do enjoy ERod’s reviews; the first one I remember watching is the Atlantis review. I’m still hoping that he busts Zathura.



  20. Wow didn’t see that one coming.

    Can’t wait to see that review.

  21. Professor von SCIENCE!!!

    Seems legit.

  22. WOOT! Can’t wait for the TMNT review with the NERD. By the way, can you please, please, please review the movie ‘Freddie As F.R.O.7’ because it is so cringe worthy, obnoxious and unbelievably stupid that I consider it to be the worst fantasy movie ever made (worse than The Neverending Story 3 and Dungeons and Dragons).

    • I second this suggestion! That whole ‘kiss of life’ scene was one of the most uncomfortably gay (and I mean badly written 90s gay) scenes I have ever seen. On top of that the movie is abysmally scored and convoluted to the point of absurdity.

  23. Blah blah frozen blah blah… Oo! AVGN crossover!

  24. The people who did frozen already have a counterpoint to Let it Go. It’s called “Turn it Off” from Book of Mormon.

  25. This film is a cash grab. Nothing more nor less. I hate Disney so damn much.

  26. I knew the Nerd and Critic will one day review the 2014 TMNT movie and it was one of the things that I wanted to happen before I die. Hell I even was one of the people who request it.

  27. You’re full of it NC, completely full of it.

  28. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles guys (and by guys I mean the fans not guys as in the producers)? Really? I would have had him review Stuart Little; That is a movie I want to see torn to shreds and Doug ‘let slip’ in his Secret of NIMH remake video that he wasn’t the biggest fan of it.

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