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The Nostalgia Critic reviews 1988’s The Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw.

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  1. -This movie sucks
    -I never saw the series or cared about the toys
    -In our world the military or some scientist would haw stolen the bone research it to eater get knowledge about magic to use it in a War or find out how to make all animals talk
    -I don’t get it dogs are given the power to talk like human but why do the act like humans walk on two paws and wear cloth like in sonic
    -Time for what making them in to idiots
    -When he hears a bell he is harassing others
    -The puppy has been gone for how long and when he returned tells such things and they don’t believe him
    -Its not normal for them to not understand dogs.Why are you talking like that there world is not our world so its not normal for them that dogs and humans cannot understand each other
    -The songs in this movie are shit
    -He is so not a puppy
    -The bone what an idiot if he had the Excalibur it could be better cause it would actually make you dangerous
    -Its such an idiotic way to return them from being evil

  2. Ironically, this episode aired a month before the new cartoon did.

  3. Well…the black knight might have the same teeth as the headless horseman from sleepy hollow…but at least he is more chatty.

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