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Don’t you DARE question it! It just works! The Nostalgia Critic reviews 2013’s The Purge with Special Guest Film Brain!

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  1. Oh sweet Critic, you have no idea.

    There’s a girl I’ve recently gotten to know quite well and have rather taken a shine to. She lives in Lawton Oklahoma where apparently some people lack so many IQ points that they believe the purge is a thing and there’s a regular threat from these dumbasses.

    Also, yeah, it’s not as if we can let out our aggression in socially acceptable means. Fuck martial arts, boxing, violent video games (which actually reduce aggression more than create it), exercise, stress toys. Fuck things like meditation, yoga, and tai chi which allows us to let go of that aggression without acting it out. The Purge, the way of the future *face desk*

    that ending though “shut it bitch,” priceless

  2. One of the things I miss about the site switchover is the pages and pages of comments going “Doug, what the hell are you talking about, almost no one took the premise as “this could actually happen””.

  3. That Breaking Bad skit cracks my shit up every time I see it. XD

    Critic’s already said everything wrong with this movie that’s worth mentioning, though I think I know why that boy just arbitrarily monitors his vitals without it playing any kind of significant role later in the film. Does anyone remember Panic Room? Jodie Foster’s daughter in that movie is diabetic, and actually has to hide out in that panic room with her mom after having dropped her insulin shot. See, that was something that could have made sense, because we knew there was something wrong with her from the get-go, and separating her from her one lifeline would put her in danger later. Here, it feels like they tried to copy that premise but later the editors just tossed out any writing that would have made this significant later.

    Gotta love Hollywood, it seems like any hack writer can take part in a major blockbuster, these days.

  4. Cugel the Not-So-Clever

    Yeah, this movie idea is about as dumb as you can get. I was working the night shift when it first came out and a drunk customer had a thirty minute long conversation about how this could actually happen. This is in Illinois, in a southern suburb of Chicago.

    For fun let us list some of the reasons why this movie doesn’t work on the practical level.

    1. Everything is legal, but the destruction stays. If you burned down a house for example, the crime of arson would be legal during the 12 hours the purge takes place, but if it was your house come 7AM it would still be gone. So how is that covered by insurance, not to mention other crimes that would have lasting effects.

    2. How could you trust anyone for anything during those 12 hours? So if you were rich, like crazy billionaire rich, there would be no protection for you come the purge. Sure you could have state of the art security (we saw how well that worked in the movie) and hire bodyguards, but who cares?! During the purge there are no rules, why would you protect anyone for any amount?

    Know what, I could go on but the bottom line is that this movie is really dumb. It made a ton of money because it was cheap to make (relatively, 3 mil budget with almost 90 mil revenue) and because people will see movies for pretty much any reason. My personal opinion is that good horror movies are hard to come by, so anything that even approaches decent gets a lot of attention.

    Anyways hell of a good episode critic, keep it up.

  5. I think The Purge was made for a specific kind of audience and they found it scary because the purge is a time frame in which they could be the target for random, unimpeded & unpunished cruelty just for being in the wrong place + wrong time and they’ll be blamed for not being adequately prepared & alert

    But honestly if you’re black and/or queer and/or trans this is also known as “every waking moment”, that’s why some specific people found it so scary and thought this could actually happen, while others saw pass that and know it was dumb idea + cheesy acting, etc etc… idk

    • Almost like the people who watch fear what they do to others might happen to them one day.

    • It’s a great idea in retrospect, but seeing as Michael Bay directed this there is no WAY it was meant to be something like that. It’s probably just another bland “millennials are stupid and they’re going to ruin everything” message. I wish it was the case that it emphasized how this was everyday life for American minorities right now, but Bay’s too much of a jerk for that.

  6. Just a quick reply to say: awesome job to Matthew Buck in his brilliant cameo. Not enough people comment on it. 🙂

  7. Finally saw this movie last night. The review makes one big error… Henry is NOT the name of the bad guy. Henry is the name of the boyfriend; the bad guy is never given a name, and is credited as “polite leader.”

  8. When I first saw this film, I was instantly reminded of “Assault on Precinct 13.” Not the terrible remake, but the fun John Carpenter film. All powerful mob wanting to kill one man who is being protected inside a building, cut off from help. Then, upon simple research, I saw the makers recently made the before mentioned remake of Assault. They obviously got the idea that this would be a fun plot to explore, but decided to take it away from the frightening reality of the original film.

  9. I feel like Peter Stormare should have played “Henry”. Or Nicolas Cage.
    But for some reason all murderers are in their twenties in these crappy movies.

  10. My parents love the Purge but I myself wasn’t too much of a fan of it.

  11. Late Nakagawa Ryou

    I liked this movie better when it was a George Carlin routine. [Brain Droppings, p. 173]


  13. the purge was made for the that like deep movies but don’t want to think

  14. Breaking up Pinky And The Brain was a bad idea. Naaaaaaaaarrrrrrfff…….

  15. TheVerySeriousLewis

    You know what would have been better as a film and more interesting an idea, would be a movie about these “New Founding Fathers.” I mean they seem to have replaced the government and are more supporting of psychopathic behavior then anything.

    Like I could totally see a story about how America has entered this 1984 sort of state where nobody can leave and the more crazy or productive you are the higher up you are. The idea of a “successful” purge makes it sound like they want anybody not willing to kill or by psychopathic to be killed. Maybe one day making all of America into a warrior based system.

    If that kinda movie existed before the Purge and was linked to this as some sort of spin-off to show the fruits of The New Founding Fathers’ plans it would be great, but it doesn’t any anything like that now will probably be sued for using The Purge

  16. Honestly, I think the core concept behind this movie (although I’ve never seen it) COULD work, if done correctly. I think there could be a very good film about a night where all crime is legal, but there really has to be more context established than this film seems to do. If you just throw us into the idea with no explanation, we find that for a lot of people, it’s too incongruous with reality to simply accept the premise. By the way, it’s not exactly unprecedented for a society to accept something entirely ludicrous and amoral. The holocaust happened, didn’t it?

    • Yeah they did this.
      In fact they did this several times.

      There is a great episode about this on the Original Star Trek, where a small crew is trapped on a purge planet, and the mystery is slowly uncovered. It has action beats but the core of the story is tightly focussed on the philosophical implications, not a bunch of idiots running around the back yard. And we see survivors of Purge crimes, we have no idea what is going on. We wonder about how the world became this terrible. And we even see the results of taking this away, when after the practice is ended people actually miss it. People get into fights and start commiting crimes the second the Purge is outlawed. It is a piece of speculative fiction that focusses on what it would be like to live in the strange world.

      Or Wickerman where the mystery takes center stage as well as the ambiance and the strange locale. We feel like we are in a world where everything has become a nightmare and question what is going on in this world.

      Or I would say the exemplar is the Twilight Zone (Though maybe the outer limits) Where a protagonist is set in an odd dystopian future, but we sympathize with them.

      A good example in twilight zone for example the Obsolete man. About an ordinary helpless librarian who outwits his executioners with nothing more then a few quotes from the bible and a few creepy sets. Hearing the casual way people talk about Hitler and death and oppression, makes you realize that something has gone wrong in the world. And it is done almost exclusively with dialogue. Yet I am ten thousand more interested in watching an old man sit in a room and read the bible then this piece of junk. With its jump scares, pointless heros and dull protagonists who don’t have any moral quandary

      The whole point of a story like this is moral ambiguity. To not have that be the central conflict is a disservice to the material. Is humanity rotten to the core, Is crime a part of our nature, would the world be better. You have to ask these questions. THat is going to be the ONLY thing that would make this schlock more then exploitation film? This is one film which would do better as a remake then its own thing if they are going to make the mystery pointless.

  17. -Its very funny
    -The purge are dumb movies
    -Why do they think Pinky and the Brain are gay?
    -What if someone would b low up the Police Station, Fire Department and a Hospital?
    -Henry is fun
    -It is really good what you made with Pinky and The Brain even if its a lie

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