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The Nostalgia Critic reviews 1998’s Secret if NIMH sequel, Timmy to the Rescue.
Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue was originally released on December 22nd, 1998. The movie stars Darleen Carr, Jamie Cronin, Dom DeLuise, Andrew Ducote and Phillip Glasser.

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  1. honestly, I’ve never even heard of this sequel. (probably because it was a Direct-To-DVD release)
    and I must admit, I’m glad I never heard of it or seen it around. man,..
    you can see the degradation right in the animation, it’s so unworthy.
    Mel Brooks once said; “you only see something new, once”, that’s why he never liked to give any of his films sequels. and honestly, along with a many other reasons, seeing films like this, I really get his point.
    it’s extremely rare to have a sequel surpass its predecessor. and it’s mostly because of incompetence, primarily of the caliber you see in this flick. honestly, no matter what movie they are sequeling,
    I always get a cringe of uncertainty when I hear of one coming out. and justifiably so.

  2. MGM made this. And according to recent news, they apparently got the rights to reboot the entire franchise.

  3. Mouse boobies by the way.

  4. This movie is stupid it was so unneeded
    I must say they are treating the kid wrong
    Hogwarts did not treat him like a protege they just acknowledged that he has something special in him but he still was like a normal student especially with Snape
    Kids cannot sing
    Why is it dangerous to keep them in the wally its not that they would lead the people back.They escaped and they didn’t put the wally in danger
    The rats are idiots in this wally
    Birds like shiny things
    They cut his brain to heal him

  5. Honestly, if it had been done in a better movie, I don’t actually see anything particularly wrong with the idea of the mouse being the mad scientist. It’d be kind of an interesting twist (the humans are the lab rats now and the rats are in control). You just didn’t like it cuz it was done poorly, but I see nothing wrong with the idea in and of itself.

  6. Who else noticed at 19:38 Doug said Mrs Brisby?

  7. I still think the funniest (well ok, maybe not the funniEST, but still a very very funny) part of this review is that Everest sized mountain of inaccuracies and bullshit that came out of that Harry Potter rant. I wish the old comments carried over from the old site, there were so many people ripping him a new one for getting so much wrong about it…most prominently being that there WAS already a reason why people treated him that way; he was responsible (whether he meant to be or not) for ridding the world of Wizard Hitler….and even then, it was mostly his fellow students that treated him like that. The teachers and adults didn’t really treat him all that differently from all the other kids…well except for Dumbledore, but, that’s a discussion for another time and a another place.

  8. Ah, Spoony. Remember when Spoony actually did stuff? Like videos? And game reviews? I miss Spoony. I wish he were still alive and with us.

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