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Why do Stephen King Mini-Series bring us so much joy? It’s time to tackle The Tommyknockers!

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  1. burgess meredith is awesome!

  2. What Is a Tommyknocker anyways?

  3. Hey Doug! Ever gonna review The Dark Half?

  4. Great opening especially the music
    The Grandpa is good
    The Dolls are creepy
    This movie has some good stuff but it is dumb

  5. I’m pretty sure the talking tv-scene was just Olive Oil hallucinating and realizing what she sub-consciously knew for a while already.

  6. This is pretty goofy but it is no Langoliers!

  7. SpecialAgentDaleCooper

    The X-Files intro really got me…
    This miniseries plays out like an especially bad, funny, 3-hour-long episode of Doctor Who.
    Also, I’m fairly certain that that was a cockatoo, not a parakeet. And Stephen King didn’t even like the book that this was based on.

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