Top 11 Batman the Animated Series Episodes – Nostalgia Critic

The Nostalgia Critic looks at the best episodes of one of the greatest TV shows of all time! Batman the Animated Series.

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  1. You were actually the one that got me into this show and possibly closer to comics (along with Lewis) as a result. So thanks

    PS the only episode I was ticked didn’t get at least an honorable mention was Dreams in Darkness ,but whatever

  2. The World’s End (2013) reminded me of Baby-Doll episode.
    Similar theme.

  3. Critic: “I don’t know why Joker looks like Mickey Mouse.” Yeah, the creators of the show weren’t too thrilled about the Joker’s redesign in the “Gotham Knight” season either.

  4. Batman the Animated Series is what intredused Batman to me and it is awesome
    #11.It is a great one
    #10.Its good but the people are idiots making the loser a leader just cause he gotten Batman away
    #9.Harley is so hot and i like this episode and the best origin for her
    The Dark Knight are shit movies but the Joker is the only good part
    #8.Nice if it was not for thous assholes he would have been a good guy
    #7.He is cool
    #6.It is cool
    #4.This is a coo origin
    #3.Quite great.Batman did not created them only The Joker was created by batman if the Red Hood origin is his
    #2.It is a strange episode.The pedophiles are the only once she could date
    #1.Its not the best for me but it is fine
    This is such a cool show

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