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What did the Nostalgia Critic think of the collection of shorts?

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  1. Watching this really makes me miss the anniversary specials… Please tell me there will be one this year!

    • Wouldn’t be the same…Almost everyone involved in the prior anniversary specials has left CA.

    • Its a good way to get introduced to the new talent. That’s how I discovered 8bit Mickey. I’m also a big sucker for crossovers.

      It’s also be a good excuse for more Malcolm & Tamara, plus an excuse for a Rachel Tietz cameo if they can get her. Maybe Brad can bring Jarrid back too.

      I love to relisten to the specials while building in Minecraft…I can still remember what I was building during each part.

      Does anyone else here watch The Blacklist & think that Linkara would make a good Young Reddington?

      • “It’s also be…” Good lord, please bring back the edit button.

      • Well, that much is certainly true, and I think that the specials can be pretty cool, though I personally don’t think the specials will give Malcolm and Tamara any more exposure since they’d likely be bit parts at best, given the large casts typical of the specials. If the goal was to get them more exposure, one idea might be to give them a show where the focus is more on them, but I’m not really sure of what specifically that would be.

  2. I have a question. Who was that mesmerizing thespian we’ve seen in that nerd movie? I still think of his performance, even now?

  3. Hey, I recognize a few people here who are now no longer…

    Eh. Why go into it?

    • Me too! Like Miss Pregler who…You know you’re right. Let’s not go there.
      It’s ironic because a lot of the people who recently left the site were not in the ‘Merry Christmas from Channel Awesome’ video. At the time a lot of commentors were quick to speculate something was going on behind the scenes but Lewis was quick to put any fears to rest.

    • Reminds me of the episode with Spoony and Linkara doing that video game movie.

  4. Conan the commenter

    Admittedly, I only saw one of those videos. And that was his one, Iliked it at first, but when I satrted to really think about it. I really started hating it, and the more I thought about it the more I hated it, in no small part due to the fact that gameing culture isn’t depicted very nicely.

  5. Great Review. Thanks for not sugar coating it.

  6. New rule, the NC is not allowed to review Channel Awesome Productions. The compensations Dough as to write to make it seem like he’s not patting himself on the back makes the character come off as spiteful.

  7. 10:51 That guy looks a lot like Pablo Iglesias. When the ABC knows that he stolen the life of another man, Rome is going to burn again….. well, in this case Madrid.

  8. THANK GOD that this is a lot better than the reviews of the anniversary specials he did back in the Plot Hole.

  9. Conan the commenter

    Aw man the dark side of the internet made me feel like a huge dick for my earlier criticism.

  10. really great review

  11. The only anniversary special that I REALLY liked was Suburban Knights. That was the pinnacle! In this special, the beginning was the best part. Also, the Mike J story and the in between parts were pretty funny as well! Besides that, this was.. meh. It was fun to see this made fun of!

    • Kickassia was my personal favorite.

      I thought SK and TBF suffered from slow pacing and overdone jokes. I still enjoyed them, but those were my gripes.

    • My Favourite anneversary special used to be Suburban Knights and while I still love it to bits I like Kickassia more, It really felt like a team movie, a celebration of Channel Awesome (which makes watching it now a bit sad) which makes is a cut above Suburban Knights.
      I’m not crazy about To Boldly Flee ’cause while it is pretty funny and the storyline is cool and everything there are too many times when it feels like Doug (yes DOUG not the NC) is endulging himself a bit.

      While I like a lot of the segments from The Uncanny Valley I actually have a moral problem with it:
      The movie is a little over two hours long. The first 42 minutes or so (a good quarter of the movie) is Dragon Bored with the remaining five segments taking up the remaining three quarters of the time and that’s not even subtracting the inbetween bits with Nash. When you put the segments side by side Dragon Bored really benefits from being a product of the Chicago studios where all the money seems to be while the other segments clearly were created with just as much heart and enthusiasm but not as much resources which makes them look cheaper. Putting them after Dragon Bored makes the whole situation worse because in a good anthology the first story is the simplest, wetting the viewers appetite for more but here the biggest segment comes first and the rest of the movie seems to drop in quality from there until we get to the Dark Side of the Internet which is a better segment then Dragon Bored (because Welshy is a genius) and a fitting conclusion to the movie.
      As individual segments this movie is great but as one movie, especially the way the segments are arranged, it makes everyone except Doug look lacklust. Moving Dragon Bored to before The Dark Side of the Internet would have solved the problem.

    • That’s funny, SK is the only Special I actively don’t like. It introduced Cosplay for no reason other than Doug liking it, the script couldn’t cope with the huge cast leaving some characters painfully underused (something TBF fixed by giving everyone a scene to shine in), Ma-Ti having the ring is NEVER explained, especially since he isn’t even the character from the TV series, and the plot dicked me about by holding back Malachite’s backstory for ages. Plus, that backstory…look, suppose you’re the King of the World, and for some reason you decide to TOTALLY abandon either magic or science (?)…and you ask your scientific advisor whether he thinks his position and all of his studies should be made obsolete. Which do you think he’ll pick?

  12. Man, I really didn’t like The Uncanny Valley. I’m glad everyone got their creativity flowing and made something they’re probably proud of, but the only bits I enjoyed were the Hijinks and The Dark Side of the Internet. I thought the rest was pretty much schlock. I wish this collection had been something more like Suburban Knights, Kickassia, etc.

    • When I first heard of Uncanny Valley I actually thought it was going to be a horror anthology movie, which would have made sense considering how many of the Channel Awesome crew are Horror fans to some degree, and I was kinda disapointed when I figure out what they were doing instead.

  13. Moviemantweeter1999

    I love the part in the dragged in where phelous got a new cat and then it dissapeared(hailrious stuff). Good review too I loved how you got too deep into it but then you said this special sucks(which I highly disagree with not cool critic not cool).this was also taken off the uncanny valley DVD or one of those special channel awesome DVDs that exist. But I agree the lost special is flawless and critic the person who said was the missing French person of the three stooges was sad panda. I also liked the appearances of Jim and Jason in the dragonbored video and who was the Al Roker looking guy that was shorter then him what was his name? Just curious.

  14. Never knew this existed. Love that the Critic complained about not being in this special. And especially love that the guy that came out of the video game kidnapped a kid and got her drunk.

  15. I´m the only one who think that FilmBrain and MikeJ together were always hilarious?
    Whats the deal with the people of Channel Awesome and cats?

  16. I think Dragonbored and Dark Side of the Internet were the two best of the shorts, but it was really fun to see all the different contributions.

    One simple rule to follow whenever you’re online: Don’t say anything on the internet that you wouldn’t be willing to say in person.

  17. Only 17 comments?

    The only thing that set me off about this was the fact that it was initially presented as a string of bizarre stories in particular fashions of the Twilight Zone. By the time I saw The Reviewers, I didn’t quite get the consistency.

  18. The only short I really enjoyed to the fullest was Dragon Bored. Not to say that the others were horrible, but between the more fleshed out story, well established characters, and better production, I just found it the best of the bunch. I did sort of enjoy The Reviewers for what it was worth, and The Dark Side of the Internet was very interesting and could be a great teaching tool, but my favorite was still the first!

  19. After what CA and Mike Michaud did to the producers that are no longer on CA, I think Doug should at least be ashamed of what the site has become and go back to his roots. You are in decline sirs. Just accept it.

    • Why is it Doug’s job to feel anything about the site? He’s just a producers like the others, his job is to create entertaining videos, and I think he does a great job of that. If you don’t like it, don’t watch.

  20. I can summarize the special with two words: Mostly forgettable.

    I’m sorry for being so negative, but I’m being completely honest. I can’t remember almost anything about the special or any of the individual shorts in it, and I think that says something. I can remember quite well what happened in most of the other specials, except this one.

    It just didn’t leave any kind of memorable impression. It was really meh. Sorry.

  21. Hello NC. I hope I can call you NC. Anywho… I have a list of shows I like that I hope you might like.
    From MTV
    Good Vibes

    Other favorites
    Monsters in my Pocket
    Monster Force
    The Tattoo Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills
    Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot
    Martin Mystery
    Totally Spies
    The Amazing Spies

    Also can you talk more about The Disney Afternoon? I’d like to hear more about Gummi Bears, Chip N Dale’s Rescue Rangers, Definitely DarkWing Duck, and maybe Talespin. And just so you wonder I always thought that one of Shear Kon’s pilot’s was Bagearia. And as for the snake character character, I think they made him a Cobra in the Talespin episodes As the Bell Tolls part 1 and 2. And last but not least, I mentioned this before. If you hate Goof Troop’s Gotta be Gettin’ Goofy, Does that mean you hate The DarkWing Duck Rap?

    • Just for the record, Daria is the NC’s 2nd favourite show after Avatar (I think- I don’t know where Korra, Gravity Falls, and Adventure Time stack up on the list).

  22. Funny
    Yes this one was not as good as the previous once that were made
    The first one was quite ok
    He says it was the only time someone told him they loves him so what i was never told that someone loves me and was never loved so grow up bitch

  23. lol… swords weighing 20+ lbs when the heaviest ones were about 4.5.

    I digress, this was awesome overall. Sure it didn’t have as big a production, but that helped here. Most of these were sort of slice-of-life shorts, and budget may only have made them feel over-wrought.

  24. I think this is the second time this mistake’s been made, so I’ll go ahead and point it out now: The lyric is “now my empty cup tastes as sweet as the punch.”

  25. If the problem was getting the specials bigger and bigger, how about not making them bigger and bigger? You don’t have to do that you know …

  26. critic critcing doug’s acting is way too meta for me

  27. The Cartoon Physicist

    I love how the Critic pretty much said what we’ve all been thinking/saying about Uncanny Valley instead of another epic crossover.

  28. You know, that guy has a Point, haters do change a lot for Online Personalities. I remember it when I first saw the Nostalgia Critic… actually it was just Doug who had made a Video to rtell People not to freak out after it came out that the Turtles Movie would make the Turtles Aliens. I freaked out and tried to find some info online and found that Video, I was in rage and hated that Guy but I was also bored so I clicked on a Thumbnail showing Doug and that was my very first Nostalgia Critic and Ive been a Fan ever since. Good Times

  29. How can you dis Kat Dennings? She is funny and hot.

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