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I wonder if the wizard can get me a new script… Todd in the Shadows joins the Nostalgia Critic to review The Wiz!

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  1. TheCommentPlague

    This review was wonderful!

  2. Still waiting for the Paw/Nostalgia Critic The Wall reveiw

  3. The problem with The Wiz is this: Diana Ross. Apparently, she lobbied heavily for the role and they casted her based on her star power, even though she was way too old. The problem was that the things that were changed from the story/musical were changed in order to suit her. It was one of the biggest mistakes in movie history. The Wiz isn’t exactly a masterpiece, but it had a heart and kept to the spirit of the original story. This movie does not. If there is one movie that could/should be remade it’s this one.

  4. -This is a dumb movie
    -Mickle is doing a good job
    -This Dorothee Oz is dark is to make her be more scared and overcome that fear
    -He has no confidence not a brain
    -If he has no heart why dose he cry and feel sad
    -The Lion is not a coward he is a crybaby
    -The Witches throne is stupid
    -If this movie must be an all black cast why is the lady is white

  5. And where is the crossover of Swamp Thing

  6. Diana Ross moves in heels like it’s no problem at all. Her ankles must be made of steel!

  7. The Wiz Live was better.

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