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A Raiders of the Story Arc for the X-Men cartoon.

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  1. Morph was in comics in the original timeline he was called Changeling, and in the alternative time line of Age of Apocalypse he was actually called Morph

  2. I could never get to like this show or the movies.
    I just thought the characters were so extremely uncool.

  3. -One of the greatest cartoons ever
    -Epic opening
    -The galls in this are very goooood
    -Gambit looks strange but cool and his powers are cool two.Cyclops is a loser
    -Morph douse return and he was someone he was Wolverines best friend of in the school
    -Wolverine is the most bad ass from all characters in the X-Men.He was made to haw some mishaps some times like here to help other characters shine cause if they would bad ass all the time then the other characters would not be able to do anything and be nobodies
    -I actually like Morph
    -Some mutants are stronger then other that is why they can survive a lot more
    -She is hot

  4. I like this series too have you seen the x men Spider-Man crossover

  5. And so ends the Dark Rob Saga. (Also the X-Men are meant to be a metaphor for all groups that experience prejudice, not just gay people).

  6. I watched this X Men show a lot when I was a child. I still like it today. Nice review!

  7. Umm, to be honest, when I watched this cartoon I thought it was really crap. Badly animated, badly acted, badly written, really shallow characterisation, weird pacing, terrible dialogue… overall I really hated this goddamn thing.
    I never understood what it was people liked about it, it’s horribly put together on all levels. The only good bit in my opinion is the opening credits sequence, which is admittedly awesome… but everything else I think was just really awful.

    So… no, I don’t think it remotely holds up. I really do think it’s just nostalgia that makes people still like this show.

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