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How the Hell did they get Peter Fonda and Alec Baldwin? Sparkle, Sparkle Sparkle for Thomas and the Magic Railroad!

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  1. HEY! George Carlin and Ringo Starr did the Thomas show!

  2. Critic, I admire your work and you have great comedic talent, and I know you acknowledged this in your fuck-ups video, but. You really shouldn’t be bashing the franchise like that, calling it brainless and shit. I highly demand that you do a Nostalgia Critic review of the show. And please, do your research! You would really understand that it is not brainless, especially if you read the original book series(known as the railway series). Just because the movie is stupid doesn’t mean the show is.

  3. Callum Delaforce

    Okay, the movie I can understand but the show was awesome. The first seven seasons of the show were great, you should look at the show, you’ll probably like it more.

  4. I always found Thomas the tank engine creepy too. It gave me nightmares as a kid.

  5. I used to watch Shining Time Station when I was a kid…Until I grew out of it.

  6. Moviemantweeter1999

    Sparkle,sparkle f yeah sparkle,sparkle

  7. Seriously! Review the Show! “Thomas & Friends” (1984-present!). It has:
    A Great backstory
    Great writing
    Great directing
    Great Music
    Great morals

    Making it a Great show!
    And it is 100% NOT BRAINLESS!!! (From seasons 1-7 and 17-present)

  8. I kinda like it how their months don’t move 😛 Always saw it as a little thing that made the show cute.

  9. Believe it or not there’s actually an unreleased Director’s Cut of the movie that is owned by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, where the plot is more coherent, Thomas and the engines have properly suited British voices, and there is another villain called ‘PT Boomer’, and he is the main reason why Peter Fonda’s character is so depressed over Lady, there’s a petition to possibly get it released and if you would like to sign it please do! Thank you.

  10. Sparkle. Sparkle. Sparkle.

    • Thomas has probably the greatest cameo of his career in ‘Ant-Man’ where he goes up against the eeevil Yellow Jacket.

      F-yeah sparkle sparkle sparkle!!!

  11. You’re bad-mouthing Thomas? Don’t make me come over there and smack you.

  12. If you thought that it was shocking that Peter Fonda and Alec Baldwin were in this movie well this new Thomas The Tank Engine movie has Sir John Mother Fucking Hurt in it

  13. Idk why, since I never watched the show and I dont think I watched this movie until I was pretty clearly out of its intended audience range, but I kinda liked this movie. I don’t have a reason for it, I can’t defend against any of the points you made, but I just kinda liked it lol.

  14. Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle!

    Now I always say that when someone “energizes” in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

  15. -This is a crap movie. The series was shit as well
    -Agree he try to hard in this crap its not a serious movie
    -If its so dangerous to have a gold dust defection why do is give a strange cryptic puzzle and not just say to make sure a success
    -So he married a Scottish women so why is that a bad thing
    -How could they save her it made squeals to that crap
    -Mario brothers are not Father and Son

  16. Mara Wilson reminds me of Kyle’s cousin from South Park.

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