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Relive your favorite animany, totally insaney moments! It’s Time for the Top 11 Best Animaniacs Episodes!

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  1. Two amazing Critic videos in a row! What is this, pre-To Boldy Flee?

    • MyNameIsMatthew0

      I like post-To Boldly Flee way more.

    • I think the last few weeks have seen some of the best Critic videos in years. Since Matrix Month-and-a-bit, which was good and ambitious but maybe a bit overblown, there’s been some reviews that feel refreshingly close to the original format (Mamma Mia and Demolition Man being the highlights), plus TMNT and Daredevil which both had some good comedy. The only video that didn’t leave much of an impression was the Haunted Mansion review, and honestly that’s mostly because the film itself left no impression. It’s been a while since the last Top 11 (hopefully another Fuck Ups video is on the way, one of the funniest being fucking up on his last Fuck Ups video regarding the pot and pan non-troversy) and this was a good one to come back with. All we need now is another Old vs New (Halloween vs Rob Zombie’s Halloween?) and maybe a reboot of Raiders of the Story Ark and we’ll be set.

  2. I really need to go back and watch that show (and a bunch of others, for that matter); I really love how much it holds up to this day and that it’s one of those shows that’s so great that it barely has to be mentioned as such–it’s just common knowledge that it’s amazing!

    Hi Kyle!! Nice to see you in a video again!

    Ugh, so mad I can’t go to C2E2, I would love to meet you guys again and check out a bigger con. Hope it’s a lot of fun for all of you!

  3. Funny list Doug, funny list.
    Also, as someone who was born in ’96 and doesn’t remember much about the episodes he saw because he was too young, I’m curious:
    What was Christopher Walken doing there? Why was he there? What was the context? Which episode was it? I MUST KNOW!

    • I'mVeryAngryIt'sNotButter

      It really makes just as much sense in context. The Warner Bros. are hosting a party, and they keep inviting everyone to hang out with Walken for some reason.

  4. Uhm… no, Doug, the Grim Reaper’s accent is NOT Swedish. I am Swedish, and I should know. Maybe they TRIED to do a Swedish accent – but if that’s the case, they failed at it royally.

  5. Great top 11 list Doug Walker! Can I please share my requests for movies to do Nostalgia Critic reviews on? I’m positive they would make very funny reviews. My requests are Freddie As F.R.O.7 (worst fantasy movie in my opinion) and Osmosis Jones (a Warner Brothers animated movie that isn’t The Iron Giant).

  6. “I wasn’t even ON the show!”

  7. Two requests:
    1) Can you do an Old vs. New for Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra?
    2) Can you review The Powerpuff Girls Movie?

    Either would be awesome!

  8. Wow… Great list. Though very different from my own, seeing how my absolute favourite, Hearts of Twilight, didn’t make the cut (as well as a lot of other faves like “King Yakko”, “Ups and Downs” and “Draculee, Dracula).

    But that just goes to show what a great show this was.
    It had so many great episodes that everybody will have a different list and a different favourite.

    Need to rewatch this show again.

  9. NICE top 11! Also Awesome Cameo!

  10. Now I’m excited for another top 11! Will there be top 11 for Family Guy, Futurama, Archer, or King of the Hill?

  11. How about Top 11 for American Dad, or Rick and Morty, or maybe Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law?

  12. Awesome video, Doug! Animaniacs is a great animated series! I’ve got too many favorite episodes to name.

    I would like to see you review “Wakko’s Wish”. It’s not exactly their best work, but it’s worth checking out.

  13. In my whole entire childhood, I only saw Animaniacs once… kinda. I only remember catching the end of a rerun and I only the whole country song episode so meh.

    I don’t know why but for me, Film Brain’s videos range from REALLY good to just NO for me… and I don’t quite know why.

  14. I was never really interested in this show, but I did see some episodes and liked some parts here and there. Of the ones listed in this video, I know I’ve seen #3 and #1. I remember that I enjoyed #3 okay and that I liked the end of #1.

  15. Please tell me “Super Strong Warner Siblings,” made top 15!!!???

  16. I didn’t watch more than a few Animaniacs episodes; to be honest I found most of the characters WAY too annoying. But this list convinced me it had plenty of funny moments. (But ugh, why did you use the burping sequence? I found it so gross I had to literally turn off the sound whenever it came. Sheesh!)

  17. I feel lucky to have been a kid when this show aired. It was fantastic.

    Also, does anyone else remember a similar show that came later called Histeria? I’d like to learn more about it. It just reminded me of Animaniacs.

  18. I missed “One flew over the cuckoo clock” on this list, Slappy is definitely my favorite charcter.

  19. I would like to see a top 11 Tiny Toon episodes as well.

  20. I’m surprised the Cutie and the Beast didn’t get on the list; along with the classroom episode and Anvilania.

  21. I kept waiting for “King Yakko”! I had no idea why the Anvilania theme song was so funny but I laughed every time. Otherwise, good list 🙂

  22. ThatGuyWithTheOrangeBeard

    I still don’t like the Animaniacs.

  23. SailorRustyBacon

    In high school, I earned the nickname “Katie Kaboom” in, of all place, Home Ec class. :/ I never really liked how her family was always on eggshells around her and couldn’t handle her demonic temper tanturms over the stupidest things. At least Chicken Boo didn’t turn into fried chicken after dating Katie. Speaking of, I know that the punchline of Chicken Boo’s episodes are always the same, but I couldn’t help but enjoy it when it was used in that episode with Brain trying to take over the world with country music.

    Sorry-not-sorry, I’ve always felt that the “Who’s on stage” shctick, mimicking Abbot & Costello, falls flat with me (and my brother, to his annoyance). Only because they are called The Who, and not just Who. I never liked Slappy because she seems to enjoy having a stick up her butt while still bitching about it. At least she spared Skippy from her saltiness. That being said, I quite enjoyed “Bumbie’s Mom”. Skippy’s sudden crying always cracks me up.

    I also liked the episode where Yakko & Dot hire a clown for Wakko’s birthday, only for Wakko to be scared of him.

    • Actually, I believe it was Mr. Plotz who hired the clown for Wakko despite being deathly afraid of clowns himself.

      • Clown and Out. He hires a clown for his birthday thinking he’d enjoy it but on realizing he won’t, encourages the situation because Wakko + fear of clowns = Hilarious physical comedy.

  24. SailorRustyBacon

    Hey, has anyone every caught the “banned” bit in the opening (where they’d having a random rhyme after singing “Totally insane-y”) where Wakko points a gun to his head and said, “Kurt Cobain-y”? I could have sworn that it happened, but unfortunately all those years ago, I kinda zoned out in front of the tv at the time, looked away for a moment to pick something up from the carpet, then heard that/saw it in my peripheral. I was like, “… what? Did that just happened?”

    A few years ago, a then-friend of mine confirmed it, while we were talking about cartoons.

  25. Fun fact: That guy at the end did the voice of Kamina

  26. Alright, the ones that I love that didn’t make the list:

    -When Rita Met Runt “But I ain’t gonna love ’em; Not gonna answer that call”

    -Meet/ Moon Over Minerva “Well…. not in this life, bub!”

    -Slappy Goes Walnuts “Don’t tell him: He might crack.”

    -Chairman of the Bored “I’m going to hurt my brother, badly.”

    -Clown and Out “When the whipperwill whippers in the wind, the wind will whipper back. Oh, nice and chubby baby.”

    -La Behemoth/ H.M.S. Yakko

    -Temporary Insanity “Ms. Pfeiffer, hold. Mr. Redford, hold…me. Mr. President (sees Mel Gibson) get to work. (hangs up)”

    -HELLO NICE WARNERS “I think it’s a non-working whip.”

  27. Stop what you’re doing right now & go listen to William Shatner sing “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” on Youtube.

    Hahaha, well, I know what I’m watching the rest of tonight. It’s not that hard to find this series online, if you add a keyword like “s01e01.”

  28. And Kyle, coming in out of nowhere for precisely no reason at all. Fantastic.

  29. I’d be interested in hearing what your least favorite Batman TAS episodes are.

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