Top 11 Best Avatar: The Last Airbender Episodes (with Dante Basco)

The voice of Zuko and Nostalgia Critic duke it out over the honor of Avatar the Last Airbender!

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  1. 3 episodes that would have made my list would be The Deserter, The Avatar and the Fire Lord, and Siege of the North. While The Storm was better (and would have been my #1), The Deserter goes once again into the emotional side of things and tells a quite good story about how dangerous this all can be and how Aang must use his powers responsibly (plus Jeong was pretty awesome). Learning how the whole war started made The Avatar and the Fire Lord quite fun, especially as we learn that Zuko is from the old Avatars blood. Siege of the North, was just epic, and had some of the best battle scenes of the whole show and a quite emotional story to go with it.

  2. Ugh I want to support this site but my computer I can never rarely watch the fraggin episodes; it’s like it has hiccups!!! I know “first world problems,” get bent!

    • It would seem your keyboard has the same hiccups as your video player, because that didn’t make much sense.

    • In the video settings, change the quality. It defaults to “auto,” which seems to be, “slightly higher than my bandwidth can handle.” In my case, I changed mine to 480p, which got rid of all the problems.

  3. Are going to make top Korra episodes well?

  4. The ironic part for me is that a few of the episodes listed are the best because they’re the worst. The play episode sucked, even if it was done in a unique way. And the blood bending episode was fucking creepy. Sorry to harp on your affair with darkness Critic, but I was raised on Disney films, I like lighthearted stuff, I like comedy, I like a happy ending. And even though the main characters won that battle, it didn’t entirely feel like a happy ending.

    Also, that’s not the true reason Aang ran away. Granted the responsibility and weight of his new position played a part in why he ran, but ultimately it was the prospect of being separated from Monk Gyatso that broke the camel’s back.

    By the way, Damn right the series finale is the best string of episodes. Putting aside all the emotion and weight of them, WE GET TO SEE ENERGY BENDING AND ALL 4 ELEMENTS WIELDED AT THE SAME TIME!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    • I have to agree with the Critic here…the fear and pressure are why Aang ran. The reason he didn’t run sooner was because he had Gyatso trying to protect and shelter him. Knowing that was going to be taken away, and unable to deal with things on his own he ran. Just being separated from Gyatso is a pretty silly reason to run away from everything….including Gyatso.
      The play was hilarious and the blood bending was chilling. We get enough happy endings from family tv, and even the majority of this series had happy endings….it is those episodes that can do something different from what the rest of the pack is doing that really makes it stand out.

    • Oh everyone is raised on Disney lol!
      But I agree with the Critic. I like that the show didn’t pansy the hell out when it came to the more darker implications of bending and their world. They addressed them frankly and I respect writers who have the balls to actually all the way through with their concepts.

  5. who is dante bosco never heard of him

  6. I think the reason why people ship Zuko with Katara is because their voice actors, Dante Basco and Mae Whitman, voiced Jake Long and Rose who were both love interests in American Dragon.

  7. GervaisArt_TJOW

    I hope he does Top Best/Worst Lists for Legend of Korra as well! πŸ˜€ I wonder who could guest star in that one, if not Dante Basco again? Perhaps Korra herself (Janet Varney)? She’d probably have fun with this XD

  8. Well Ordered Anarchy

    I think Southern Raiders would have been better if the killer was just a normal guy with a family. I can’t really explain why I just feel like it would be.

  9. This is by far, the best modern Nostalgia Critic review that I ever watched.

  10. Does anyone know where to find the music that was used over entry 2? Because that was some really good music…

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