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The Nostalgia Critic presents the Top 11 Catchiest Theme Songs.

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  1. Okay, so here are my thoughts on this list.

    #11: My brother and I are probably the only 2 kids in the world that never got into that show. So I haven’t really heard the theme song that much in my life.

    #10: I never really cared for that show. Probably because I’ve never liked reading. So that’s another theme song I never heard that much.

    #9: I remember watching the game show from time to time but never knew until a few years ago that there was an animated show as well. So I am familiar with the game show theme song.

    #8: Never seen it. Never even heard of it until seeing this review.

    #7: Never really saw the show so I’m not really that familiar with the theme song.

    #6: Never seen it. Never even heard of it until seeing this review.

    #5: Never seen it.

    #4: Never seen it.

    #3: I LOVE the Animaniacs theme song! Never really got into the show, but the theme song is hilarious! I enjoyed Pinky and the Brain (and the theme song) as a kid. Never seen any of the other shows mentioned.

    #2: Never seen it. Saw and enjoyed the live-action movie as a kid (which I think is stupid now), but didn’t know there was an animated TV show until seeing this review.

    #1: Never saw it as a kid. Saw a bunch of episodes a few years ago and thought it was okay, but not my kind of show at that time.

    Anyway, some of the theme songs that I grew up with are Arthur, Magic School Bus, Superbook and Quigley’s Village. McGee and Me had pretty cool theme music even though there were no words to go with it.

  2. #11.Crap
    #10.The synthesizer is fun but the rest is crap and not catchy
    #8.This was good
    #7.Yes one can say it is nice to hear it
    #6.No this is not a good theme
    #5.Fuck yes
    #4.Now this one is so catchy and fun
    #3.Not all are that good but they are entertaining
    #2.Show ok funny Inspector and a fun song
    #1.Ha yes its so catchy and i like it

  3. Love all of these songs. Another two are the SWAT Cats and Justice League Unlimited theme. They don’t have lyrics but they’re so awesome I still have a hard time not air guitaring to them

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