Top 11 Cereal Mascots

Which Mascot made you want to buy their cereal the most? Find out on this Top 11 list.

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  1. #11.Tasted Cereal like this one.Meh quite ok
    #10.The Wizard looks fun.Cop looks like a stereotype.The dog was meh.The Wolf is great
    #9.Quite ok.I don’t get what people are thinking in this commercial cos honey flavor Cereal are tasty
    Steven Seagal is a great actor
    #7.I don’t get why the kids had to be such assholes.I like the video on youtube where someone made Lucky exorcise and became strong and he beaten up the kinds its so fun
    #6.This was good
    #5.This is great.Great voices
    #4.Pore fella
    #3.I don’t like him.The Dud is better
    #2.The kids are assholes i like the Family guy one where he kills the kids
    #1.He is cool
    These days stuff that are putted on the boxes of the is boring just put something from a movie

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