Top 11 Drug PSAs

The Nostalgia Critic gives you the Top 11 Drug PSAs.

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  1. I’ve never really seen that many Drug PSAs. I think the only ones on this list that I’ve seen on TV are the diving board one and the one where the gal beats the crap out of everything with the pan. And I have no clue if I ever saw any that aren’t on this list. The Pee-Wee Herman one is a bit strange since it didn’t seem to be for the same age audience that his show had (I think. Never actually saw the show, but it looks like it’s for really little kids).

    • pee wee’s play house was a show that was made for all ages with jokes that fly over kid’s head. Even the character of pee wee had one of his first appearances in Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie and before that Paul Reubens auditioned for Saturday Night Live as the character of pee wee.

  2. #11.Stupid
    #10.Funny.Better then Shamalan
    #9.They promote
    #7.Wired but good
    #6.Ha stupid lady
    #4.Ha really good.Scrubs show made a fun parody of this
    #3.I like her
    #1.This is cool

  3. “What I’m sure is medicinal in your hand” Yes Doug it is a medicinal sandwich.

  4. I don’t know why but I love Drug PSAs. I kind of sad they don’t do them much now.

  5. Once G.I. Joe had a few episodes where GI Joe and Cobra reluctantly joined forces to take down a drug lord named the Head Man. I amazed Doug hasn’t done anything about that yet.

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