Top 11 Dumbest Spider-Man Moments

The Nostalgia Critic gives you his Top 11 Dumbest Spider-Man Moments!

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  1. I didn’t despised Spider-man 3 but the stuff in it damaged it but i REALLY hated the emo Parker
    I liked the two first but the second had to many people find out his true identity
    #11.I don’t care about flags cause it only helps divide all humans like we are all different races
    9\11 big deal there are to many deaths happening that are worse
    #10.I saw and don’t care.Doc.Oc was corrupted that is why he was not morning
    #9.The elevator scene was very funny
    #8.It was the first they didn’t payed enough money cause they didn’t know if it would work
    #7.Yes i hated what they did with Venom
    #6.I do hate such complicated relationship.A movie needs no romance
    #5.I was fine with them but yes there was no need to artificial intelligence
    #4.I am ok with it but sappy
    #3.This is what ruined it for me
    #2.He was quite funny
    #1.Why was this in it why is this crap in it
    Dark Knight sucked

  2. I know there some dumb moments in all the Spidey films. And I know people might be mad if I saw this, but I have nothing against Spider-Man 3. I still liked it, I still enjoy it, it works for me. The only thing that need to see in this movie is Harry Osborn become The Green Goblin. Period. And for all of you people, go back to the fucking ending of Spider-Man 2 and you’ll see why Spider-Man 3 has to be shown. Harry found his father’s weapons and Glider and it was his turn to become The Goblin and kill Spidey once and for all.

  3. Gotta love how Americans ignore how they’re not the only country with a red white and blue flag.

    • HermioneHotpants

      Yeah. I also find that pretty bizarre too 😀 . The flag of my own country (the Netherlands) consists of red, white and blue too. Literally in that order from top to bottom 😛

  4. So when was this video made in relation to marvel’s conquering of cinema? 😛

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