Top 11 F*ck Ups

We never make any mistakes on That Guy With The Glasses.. Ya right!

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  1. This fan is a ass and overreacting
    #11.I didn’t cared
    #10.She was never scary and i understand why you put it cause you are scared
    #9.I never noticed it
    Doing the Can Can with Hitler would not ruin once life
    #8.Well it it amazing stuff
    #7.Its a game
    #6.I never cared
    #5.I never cared and i was ok i actually saw when you made the mistake but i didn’t mind
    #4.I never cared about you not knowing it but i do haw a problem of you overreaction to the fraze
    #3.I didn’t hated you but yes don’t make fun
    #2.I am not a Grammar Nazi so i never noticed
    #1.Its not that sad

  2. Lmao, I love how you look like you’re about to laugh the entire time you’re ‘beating’ Mike.

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