Top 11 Hottest Animated Women

The Nostalgia Critic presents his Top 11 Hottest Animated Women.

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  1. Okay, so here are my thoughts on this list.

    #11: Not that familiar with her since I’ve only seen a few episodes of the show. Who do people like accents so much?

    #10: Have no clue who she is since I’ve never seen the show.

    #9: Heard about the show but never seen it.

    #8: Only seen a few episodes of the TV show and she was pretty much the only thing I liked about it.

    #7: Haven’t seen very much of that show, but I definitely remember her.

    #6: Have no clue who she is since I’ve never seen the show

    #5: Never seen anything Scooby-Doo, but I’m aware of who the main characters are.

    #4: Never even heard of her until seeing the Critic’s review of the older live-action movies.

    #3: Saw maybe an episode or two of that show, but don’t remember her.

    #2: If I had to guess who the hottest Disney chicks are, I would’ve said these two. So no big surprise that they’re on this list. But why is seeing their navel a big deal?

    #1: Before even watching this review for the first time I just knew that she would be #1 on this list. She’s always been one of my favorite parts of that movie.

    Sorry I can’t give any real input on this list or make a “hottest animated men” list of my own. I must be missing the wires in the brain that makes people attracted to other people. I can generally tell who’s supposed to be attractive due to other people’s responses but have no idea otherwise.

    • I’m just kinda upset he *did not* put *CATWOMAN* on this list! I mean, yes, we all know Harly was a Lot of fun, but…COME ON! Dude, *she needed* to be on this list! Actually, hear what…I’m gonna make a *whole new list of animated hot chicks!* I’ll try to stick to the more popular/longer standing/better well known cartoons, most which moved beyond a single season. So sorry to Amy Brighttower from _Galaxy High_, Lark and Shana from _Beverly Hills Teens_ and Futura from Filmations _Ghostbusters_; maybe next time. So, without any more adoo, here are MY suggested honorable mentions or _another_ top 11 Animated hotties for next time, Critic:

      *1*]Selena Kyle/Catwoman, *Batman: TAS*
      Do I _really_ need to explain? Skin tight vynyl, big green eyes, _mad_ fighting skills, a IDGAF attitude, and a _whip_? The girl was so hot, even _Batman_ couldn’t resist her! Bruce has a fantasy life in one episode, and who is his wife? Not the saucy ginger Andrea Beaumont, not the scintilating red-haired Pamela Isley, not the brass and sassy brunette Lois Lane, no….it’s Fucking Selena “Hot Cat” Kyle! Nuff said. The fact that much of her physical design was based on 1990s Michelle Pfieffer/Selena Kyle from the _Batman Returns_ movie, but that they still managed to make her less crazy and more flirtatious only *added* to her appeal! Beyond that, she was a really complex character; not quite a villain, but clearly not a hero; she was too much the Bad Girl.

      What else can i say? This pretty kitty kept us curious for days!

      *2]* Ororo Munroe/Storm, *X-Men*
      Ahhh, Storm; fierce as a hurricane, wise as a shaman, but gentle as a summer breeze, this Second in command of the X-Men was one of the most powerful members of the team. She also had the distinction of being one of the 1st African American female heroes to be in a long-standing animated show. She was so popular that she was the only X-Man to be featured in 2 seperate crossover’s in _Spiderman:TAS_. Now, I could’ve put Jean Grey here, too, cause, admittedly, she is hot—-*especially* when she goes Crazy/Hot/Sexy in Red in Dark Pheonix mode—– but, to be fair, i think we should really use one character per show/universe here, and considering we saw so much more of Storm in the series, I think she got the edge.

      *3]* Esmeralda, *The Hunchback of Notre Dame*
      Dark skin, bright eyes, wild hair, gypsy magic, and I swear to God, I don;t know if it was the association with Demi Moore’s voice and the “StripTease” movie, but i can _never_ watch her performance in that movie without anticipating that pole-dancing scene. She’s one of the lesser known and physically older Disney chicks, but she _definitely_ earned her place as hot!

      *4]* Lady Jaye, *G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero*
      Now, a lot of you may say Scarlett [the red-head] was more kick ass and Cover Girl [the blond] was more traditionally attractive, but this brown-haired, short cut sporting mistress of throwing darts was very much Go-to Girl in the Joe universe. Not only was she tactically smart and savvy, able to pilot a number of vehicles, and skilled at disgusie and infiltration, but she could kick _serious ass_ with all of the boys on the team and not slow down! Often, it would be Lady Jaye who pointed out something the guys had missed in a situation, and they never, to my memory, made her seem like the “damsel in distress”. Yet they still made her really feminine and engaging, with killer high cheekbones and a winning smile. None the less, she was always way more than just a pretty face. In a show made for boys, I thought that was what a strong female character _should be_, and they got the balance right with her.

      *5]* Wonder Woman, *Superfriends: Galatic Guardians*
      Yeah, I know, when _most_ people these days think of hot Wonder Woman, they think of the 2000s version from _Justice League: TAS_ ….at least until we get a good look at Gal Gadot in the new _Superman vs Batman_ movie ;-)….. More over, the “Superfriends” version of this character from the late 70s to early 80s was probably more _comical_ than sexy. But I’m talking about the later version used in _Galatic Gaurdians_ *specifically*, the more detailed, kick ass version voiced by younger actress B.J. Ward [no relation to Burt “Boy Wonder” Ward, thank God!] This was the series that showed more action and depth than the campy, Scooby doo-esque 70s version; all the heroes seemed to take a Class in Bad ass, and WW was no excpetion! When she wasn’t flying around in that awesome invisible jet, she was throwing far bigger opponents with ease, holding up buildings to let people escape, or launching her tiara like a _freaking beat-down boomerang_! The redesign of her physical body was kinda hot, as well; she was made stronger and more curvy than slim. She was also put in the forefront for some missions…hell, she was so freaking sexy that half the time, the main villain of the series, Darksied, didn’t plan to destroy the world, but _capture her from the team_ just to make her his queen! And if the main antagonist is so enraptured by a female that he’s willing to trade the safety of _a whole planet_ for her, she _has_ to be kinda high on the hot scale!

      *6]* She-Ra, *She-Ra: Princess of Power*
      Now, i figure a lot of you might be arguing _”Oh! She-Ra should have gotten before Wonder Woman”_, or some shit like _”How can you have two amazon warrior girls, especially one after another?”_ And, while those might be fairly considered points, to those who hold them, I say this:
      It’s MY list, so _bite me :-)!_
      Now that _that’s_ out the way, let’s talk about this stellar, sexy, feminized version of He-Man. She had all the same powers, an even _better_ kick ass sound track, and more flattering wardrobe. As Princess Adora, she was a quick, clever, big-sister leader type whom we might crush on….but once she pulled that out silver phalic symbol, shouted her words of power & made magic sparks shoot out of it, covering herself in mystical be-dazzlement, she turned into a 6-foot tall, booty-length golden tressed, wing-crown wearing _warrior woman_ who could make Rhonda Roussey look like a pansy! I mean seriously, dat voice! Where as He-Man’s voice took on this artificial boom, Adora’s girlish lilt got this sexy, husky, _vixenish_ quality as She-Ra that was always fun; just listen to her quipping as she _literally_ kicking Horde robots into dust! And where as Wonder Woman held her own with the boys, our girl She-Ra was *clearly* the strong lead character of her series, unfraid to be both sensitive and funny without seeming intimidating. And that short skirt and those long legs and golden boots were just _the best_ fetish wear for kids who didn;t know what those crazy pants feelings were!

      7]* Jenine Melnitz, *The Real Ghostbusters*
      Granted, you wouldn;t _expect_ this one, but hear me out: Jenine was the only female amongst a bunch of tech savvy, yet get the job done guys, and somehow, she still managed to actively be part of the team. Probably more “cute” than hot, she was the one character that went through _a number_ of looks in the show; unique to many cartoons, she changed hairstyles as they progressed from the mid 80s to 90s, going from saucey, to more mature and feminine. What was also cool was how they translated her from the first movie fairly well, just making her a little younger, and a bit more…er…. _aggressively direct_ in her pursuit of Egon. Yeah, she would be the Damsel in Distress from time to time, but on *a number* of occasions, it was her _direct_ intervention that saved the guys’ asses. She even had her own pink Ghostbusters coveralls, and was _not_ afraid to pick up a Proton pack and kick some Ghost tail. I personally prefered her first voice actress to Kath Souchie who played her in the later seasons; it was just more authentic. And while they did play her [at first] one-sided love for Egon for laughs initially, they showed how the flirtation actually moved into a very sweet romance. For the way they treated us to that story alone, I think she rates being put here.

      *8]* Jessie Bannon, *The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest*
      Now mind you, i know this is a 16-17 year old girl more than a woman, but she was _still_ a babe. If you took Areil, gave her her human legs in the 90s, taught her kung fu and made her a high-tech computer hacker, you’d _begin_ to have an idea of what Jessie is like. The daughter of the bodyguard to Dr. Quest, Race Banon, and childhood friend/sister-figure/love interest to Johnny, this version of Jessie was often right in the fray of things with the boys! She had her own unique skill set that made her just as capable an adventurer as Johnny and Hadji. in many ways, she was more sensible in common matters, but was always sensitive the the plight of others. Yeah, she had a little tomboy in her, but that just made her more relatable to the male audience this show was aimed at. Jessie was like that Cool Chick/Dudette you could hang out with at first, and fall for later on.

      *9]* Firestar, *Spiderman & His Amazing Friends*
      No 2 ways about it; this girl is just _freaking hot_! She was treated as an equal in the series, and had a “relaxed love triangle” with her best buds that gave some enjoyable moments. A fellow college student and partner to both Peter Parker [Spidey] and Bobby Drake [Ice Man] she had a different dynamic with each of them which always made them fun to watch together. From the very first episode, Bobby _literally_ gives Spidey a “cold shoulder” and when he’s like “H-h-hey! What gives?!” the girl, from 20 feet away, says “I think it’s called…jealousy”, then blows him a _scorching hot kiss_ that actually _melts the ice_ off the guy! Considering she was specifically _made_ for this show, but then came into Marvel canon, she’s very much a break out character like Harley Quinn. And her power of flame control and microwave heat made her a villian-stomping bad ass on screen! Firestar; she’s a hot chick who could ignite a kid’s pilot light any day!

      *10]* Jem, *Jem and the Holograms*
      No, I’m _not_ putting this here out of pitty for that _shitty_ movie that just came out! I was actually made to watch Jem on certain occasions due to lack of other options and girls in the house! That being said, for all the 80s fashion fluff of the show, they had some _really well developed characters_, both in terms of their physical appearence, and their personalities. With the Jem character in particular, you got 2 for 1; the responsible, sweet, no nonesense Jerrica Benton, and the scorching hot, pink haired, warm hearted and engaging entertainer Jem. This show had a _clavacade_ of comesome cuties, running a gamut of ethnic backgrounds, but undoubtedly, Jem was the star. She was slender, leggy, with big 80s hair and make up, but warm features and a dulcet voice that was a pleasure to hear, both from her speaking actress and her singing actress. Another thing to note was that this was another of the shows that broke the mold and had the characters changing wardbrobe regularly as a matter of course, gving them a lot of looks from strong to casual to really, _reeeeeeeally_ flipping girly! Admittely, not a guy’s show, but made by the same guys that made _G.I. Joe_ and _Transformers_ so it gets a pass, and its main heroine was defintely easy on the eyes.

      *11] Diana, the Acrobat, *Dungeons & Dragons*
      Now, originally, I was gonna give this position to Princess Daphne from _Dragon’s Lair_, but then I remembered there is a *marked difference* between the Daphne of the legendary Don Bluth _game_, and the Daphne of the fair-to-fine Ruby-Spears _cartoon_. One is black clad, velvet voiced and helpful…the next is the bratty but brave princess archetype. Diana, on the other hand, has a bit more depth; she’s a beautiful and brave 14-year-old girl…wait..*14????* With _that body_, *she was only 14????* Da fu…, ok, know what; Sailor Moon. I’ll bite. Anyway, from this mxed group of teen heroes, she was more than just the token black character; she’s an acrobat, the most self-assured, confident, outspoken and take no nonsense member of the bunch. She used a magic staff which could shift in length just like Cheetara’s, and was skilled at handling animals and settling disputes. Oddly enough, these qualities made her the natural leader in the absence of blonde hero archetype, Hank. It was good to see an African American as just a part of the team and so positively portrayed in a cartoon. That, and she would tumble all over the place, while her costume was basically an animal skin bathing suit and a gold headband. If _that’s_ not hot, then I really don’t know what is!

      So, there you have it…_my_ suggestions for *Another top 11 Hottest Animated Girls from the 80s and 90s*.

      Did you like my list? Did i miss anybody? Feel free to let a brother know.

  2. #11.Gi is much better
    #10.She is ok i guess
    #9.Dud Sailor Mars is much better she is more beautiful then Sailor moon and has a better personalty. There is a comics on the internet that a person made where sailor moon is shoot during the transformation
    #8.Mmm yes she is lovely
    #7.There are hotter Nurses but i do say Ouuuuu Yes
    #6.Not really
    #5.she is pretty in movies she don better.Why do people thought that Velma was a lesbo she liked guy’s did you even saw the show
    #4.Oooohhh fuck yes
    #3.She is a hotness
    #2.They are not as hot as some other on this list but they are very pretty
    #1.Not really the number one but she is hot

  3. Chell, from the Way to El Dorado!

    She is way way waaaaaaay hotter than Jessica Rabbit.

  4. I don’t about what he said at the end this is still my only response to this list.

  5. #11. Yes, it´s the hotter girl on that show.
    #10. I was too young to watch G.I Joe, so i pass.
    #9. Sailor Venus over Moon; yes they are similar, but i like more Sailor Venus
    #8. I disagree on one condition. Poison Ivy shows more skin, so it´s my N°1. Harley Quinn comes (PHRASING) at second. Third: Batgirl.
    #7. Hello Nurse. Probably the hottest nurse EVER in comics.
    #6. I didn´t watch Thundercats a lot, so i pass.
    #5. I disagree. I like more Velma.
    #4. Yes, April O´Neil, the hottest journalist EVER in comics
    #3. I didn´t watch X-Men, so i pass.
    #2. Yes, i concur in the pick of Jasimine ass one of the hottest, but Aurora it´s my other pick. In reserve, Esmeralda.
    #1. Yes, it´s a good pick (and a safe bet to always be the first)

  6. back then before the 14 years old chant began i remebered it

  7. Sailor Mercury was my preference over Sailor Moon.

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