Top 11 New Halloween Classics – Nostalgia Critic

We all have our favorites, but here are the ones deserving of even more attention.

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  1. To be frank, I hate horror movies, and the horror genre in general, so I’ll have to take your word for most of this list. Though I must point out that aside from being focused on monsters, Hotel Transylvania is not a Halloween movie. Do n’t get me wrong, it is a delightful movie in just about every sense, but it just isn’t a Halloween one.

    Also, Idk about Shaun of the Dead. Wasn’t really all that funny to me.

    I really dislike cliffhangers too, but I must tip my hat when it’s done well

  2. I was starting to wonder if you would hit ParaNorman by the time you hit #5. Thank you for addressing this underrated gem.

  3. How the hell can you like Hotel Transylvania? Sure, the animation was pretty good, but the jokes were terrible, the characters forgettable, and how the hell are the Invisible Man and Quasimodo monsters? The Invisible Man is just an invisible human and Quasimodo is just a hunchback, they are HUMANS, the things that the monsters hate.

  4. Ahem. Gonna offer a small, constructive critique, Critic. You’re the veteran and I’m the layman, but I will offer something about my own personal perspective on this particular video.

    As Halloween is my favorite time of year, I love anything that’s spooky and geared to surprise or shock me. But I feel like, despite your attempts to keep certain things a surprise, the particular footage clips you choose to run over these videos end up giving away too much, particularly with Cabin in the Woods and Murder Party. It’s precisely like watching a trailer that gives away too much, you go into the movie more or less knowing what to expect. If you could, try and make things a little more streamlined. Or if you got to talk about it in length, it’s fine if the camera’s just on you as you talk. But I kinda feel like a good chunk of Murder Party may have been diluted for me, now that I’ve already seen this much.

  5. What was the music used during the Murder Party segment?

  6. Awww, what a cock tease, that ending. Still a good video though.

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