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In this weeks Nostalgia Critic, we bring you the Top 11 Saddest Nostalgic Moments.

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  1. I thought the point of the Bambi transition from loss to the beauty of Spring was to show that life goes on in spite of the tragedy. (See the Korean film ‘Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter …and Spring’)

  2. #11.No its not sad its funny cos the show and they all sucked
    #10.Boring.How could the idiots who captured him call him Happy Blue Bird
    #9.This is sad
    #8.It wasn’t actually depressing but really great quite action
    #7.It was hilarious
    #5.O fuck now this is super sad
    #4.She is nice at least she was content with it
    #3.Meh. I like funerals
    #2.He is the only character that made the show much more watchable
    #1.Some are fun some are sad.They are the sades three
    I am not cold i just accept death…….and i hate humans

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever cried while watching a movie. I must be missing the brain wire that would cause that to happen or something. I just don’t feel emotional attachments to people/things. I have always seen sad/crying scenes as either boring or fascinating. I guess because I don’t really understand what the characters are feeling since I don’t feel it myself. The death of Bambi’s mother and Littlefoot’s mother was really cool/fascinating to me as a kid. And I’ve always found the death of children in movies/TV shows to be especially cool/fascinating. It was hilarious when the Critic got shot at the end of the video and the “happy spring” from Bambi immediately followed.

  4. SuperTombResident96

    Is it bad that the first thing I noticed in this video was how the first kid in the transition looks exactly like a mini Sammy Hagar?

  5. i do have one from tom and jerry wear tom dreams he die and go to heaven so sad when 3 small kittens run out of a bag…… that is et after be in the water….. and the kat garding heavens door go tisk tisk…. what a shame….. omg

  6. Phoenix Healing

    For my younger sister and I my mother threatened to not let us watch Land Before Time any more since we cried horribly every time Littlefoot’s mother died. Even the commercials for American Tale made me cry. Baby Mine from Dumbo always gets me. Spock’s death scene seems ever more poignant now that Mr. Nimoy really is gone 🙁

  7. Vincent Bastookami

    If anyone here read the neverending story by michael ende, you’d find that in the book Artax the horse can talk.

  8. While the death scene in Land Before Time is quite sad, the scene that always kills me is when Littlefoot thinks he sees his mother, goes up to kiss her, AND THEN discovers it was all an illusion and his mom is still dead. 🙁

  9. You know, I remember as a little kid crying at What’s Opera, Doc?, trying to explain to my Mom why I was crying. “Bugs Bunny died!” Mom must not have remembered this cartoon or the ending of it, (and I was crying too hard to pay attention to Bugs’ “You expected a happy ending in opera?” little tag) that she kept trying to tell me that this ending never happened.

    And I thought that I had imagined that ending for years afterwards until I watched it again as an adult and went “I didn’t imagine that ending!” And it was still just as sad as I remembered!


  10. In hindsight, WTF Disney, i mean, yeah Bambi can be hard to understand as a kid, and the Lion King is even more sad. Thanks, Disney for thanks for all the jobs created for psychologists and the profits made by the pharmaceutical industry!!!, YAY!.

    Horatio! The Nostalgia Critic has been shot!
    Well you could say
    ( •_•)>⌐■-■
    His end was not nostalgic

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