Top 11 Scariest Performances

The Nostalgia Critic brings you the Top 11 Scariest Performances in movie and television.

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  1. Haven’t seen most of it but Joker did look scary to me from the start. I think he also crept me out because of how he looked, tangled hair, the uneven make up he looked a bit disturbing in all that gear. Clockwork Orange yeah this and fucking Exorcist give me creeps. I couldn’t sleep for a week because of the scenes in this review.

  2. #11.He is quite great
    #9.She is not scary she is a psycho
    #8.He is really good.Why is is saying one is evil when they haw a cat to pet cause there is nothing evil about people that like cats
    #6.Its good
    #5.If a demon try to look like a demon (stereotype) they are not scary.They do douse a good work but not scary for me
    #4.This is the only reason to watch this terrible movie cause he is very fun
    #3.Meh he is not that special but fine
    #2.Pffhaahahahahaha this is the scariest movie ha its not she is funny and not scary
    #1.Very good
    Its hard to be scared cause sometimes when one trays to be scary they can be funny

  3. I’ve been a fan of Doug’s videos from the beginign, but to be honest – wasn’t watching them for about two years, sorry. Now I’m re-watching the NC videos from the start and I don’t agree with every list NC’s put together, but this particular list made me take my time to register. Why? Because simply not having Jack fucking Nicholson and his creation of John from The Shining on this list AT ALL is purely a big load of bullshit. I really don’t have any other explanation for this beside amnesia. Also, didn’t find Ledger’s Joker scary at all – he was awesomely psychotic and it was a great performance – it just wasn’t frightening. And Kathy Bates should be higher – I’ve seen Misery as a kid and also as an adult and as a 27 year old woman I can still say, it was, is and will be one of the scariest performances I’ve ever seen.

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