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Now here’s a list you know you can’t stay away from. The Nostalgia Critic counts down his Top 11 Favorite Simpsons Episodes!

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  1. The wraparound that was on the first few Treehouse of Horror episodes had to be cut because of time. I have the DVDs and the commentary on the Halloween episodes say repeatedly that the number of commercials made for a shorter episode time so they had to cut something, and they decided to cut the wraparound.

  2. My personal favorite episode…or, episodes, are the Who Shot Mr. Burns 2 part special. I don’t see that one come up a lot on favorites lists, and while it can be argued that the ending was a massively cheap cop-out, there was a youtube video 3 parter that I watched which implies that Maggie was a sort of cover-up and that there are real hints in the episodes that shows that someone else killed Mr. Burns that we are not truly told about.

    This theory turns the episodes from…sort of meh, to one of the most brilliant murder mysteries I’ve ever seen, and I LOVE me a good murder mystery.

    Watch the first of the 3 videos here. They are really fascinating.

  3. Katheryn Blackadder

    Oh I do wish the Union episode had made the list. Oh well, I got my validation years ago when Entertainment Weekly put it in their top 10 list. 😉

  4. The Simsons are awesome and so funny and they are still so funny
    #11.It was fun Homer did so much in his life. Ending was so dumb
    #10.Good. I hate the parents who bitch about nothing
    #9.This is one of my fav
    #8.Its really such a fun episode
    #7.Its quite interesting
    #6.They are nice
    #5.It is very good
    #4.It was an interesting one and Lisa ruined it
    #3.This was a good future but now there is a different once that are good two
    #2.There always fun
    #1.Its a very good episode

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