Top 11 South Park Episodes – Nostalgia Critic

Did your favorite make the list? Find out if it did in this Top 11 South Park episodes from the Nostalgia Critic.

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  1. I do not like South Park and here is why: Shock comedy is not funny nor will it ever be funny and if the creators were as clever as all their fans seem to think then they wouldn’t need to use shock comedy to get their messages across.

    • IF you seriously think it’s nothing but shock comedy, you’ve obviously never actually watched the show. BRICKLEBERRY is nothing but shock humor. MR. PICKLES is nothing but shock humor. South Park has variety and in cases clever.

    • Dude, did you even watch this episode? He pretty much explains in detail how the subtle messages and satire outweigh the raunch factor of the humor style because it adds a new flavor and perspective to things.

  2. I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of South Park, and I’m happy to acknowledge that I’m in the minority and that whilst not a fan, there are still episodes or bits of episodes that I have enjoyed. I just find that the style of comedy doesn’t appeal to me for the most part.

  3. “If you’re doing it for the money, you’re doing it for the wrong reasons.” Oh, Critic, how times have changed…

    • Now, it’s true. To quote the Joker: “If you’re good at something, never do it for free.”

      However, if you take a job strictly for the money or because it looks good on your resume, what does that leave you if your boss screws you over or it doesn’t attract new employers?
      The least you can do is pick a job or career path that you enjoy or find genuinely satisfying, so even if you’re in one of those unfortunate circumstances you’ve still got the fun experience or the sense of accomplishment.

  4. “Won’t hold back about saying something about somebody.” Except for that Mohammed episode which had its speech at the end censored (not to mention Mohammed, but that’s a given). There is one thing that is still taboo even to South Park.

    • The creators were very much against that censorship, they said they would be so hypocritical if they don’t make fun of the muslim religion because they may hurt them when they make fun of mormons, catholics, scientologists, jews, atheists, pretty much everyone; or everything is okay to make fun of or nothing is, it was more comedy central’s decision… and they were afraid of getting bomb, which could had happen if thay didn’t censor it, I mean it’s a legitimate concern.
      But even if they had made the decision of censor their work themselves I wouldn’t be judging about it, there were actual death threats make by pretty much a terrorist website who posted the addresses of where the creators live and work.
      Of course I’m just talking about the episodes 200-201, because they show Muhammad on the super best friends episode and it’s even in the opening credits for a few seasons, Muhammad actually started appearing there just an episode before the Cartoon wars episodes which was also censor for the Muhammad issue.

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