Top 11 Underrated Nostalgic Classics

The Nostalgia Critic counts down his Top 11 Underrated Nostalgic Classics.

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  1. I do see a mistake in this video.

    You said “This film came out around the same time as Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever”

    However, Batman Forever came out in 1995. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm came out in 1993.

    I guess you can say that you were two years ahead.

    But this is a old review, so I guess I can’t blame you for a goofy mistake.

  2. Okay, so here are my thoughts on this list.

    #11: I grew up watching this movie and still enjoy watching it.

    #10: Never heard of it until seeing this video.

    #9: Never heard of it until seeing this video.

    #8: I remember going to the theater to see this with my Sunday School class. I haven’t seen it for a long time, so I should probably try to see it again sometime soon.

    #7: Never heard of it until seeing this video.

    #6: Heard of it but never seen it.

    #5: I saw this once about 10 years ago and wasn’t that into it.

    #4: Heard of it but never seen it. I liked The Wizard of Oz as a kid but haven’t liked it since then. This looks a bit more like something I would like.

    #3: I’ve seen both Babe movies and don’t like either one.

    #2: Never heard of it until seeing this video.

    #1: I grew up watching this movie and still enjoy watching it.

  3. #11.It is good
    #10.I saw the cartoon series but never saw the movie but saw the car scene
    #9.Saw it in the past and was good
    #8.Very great
    #7.Never saw but it is ok but not that interesting
    #6.It was wonderful
    #4.Is fun
    #2.Fuck yes
    #1.Its very good but batman is better

  4. I can say that Navigator(how we call it) was well know film in Russia back in the days.

  5. Watching The Tiny Toons movie was a summer ritual in my family. XD

  6. Okay, so here are also my thoughts on this list.
    #11: The Rescuers in Australia: big fan of the first “original” one, but as this one I have never been seduced by any Disney sequel. Still this is certainly better than Pocahontas.
    #10: Tiny Toons: loved the show but never heard of his one and you definitely make me want to see it.
    #9: The Rocketeer: Saw it a few times. It’s very decent and indeed underrated.
    #8: Prince of Egypt: Know it but never took the opportunity to see it. Probably a gap in my culture.
    #7: Explores: I saw the last 30 minutes when I was kid, never thought about catching up.
    #6: The Iron Giant: a beautiful animated movie.
    #5: Flight of the navigator: Heard of it but never seen it. I love Sci-Fi but this one still doesn’t interest me.
    #4: Return to Oz: Saw this in theatres a friend’s birthday (I was 5) and it scared the shit out of us (Him and myself where kind of hiding under his mother’s arms). All these heads and that horrible desert! Took me 15 years to finally have the chance to see it again!
    #3: Babe: this one intrigues me greatly ad it’s on my watch list.
    #2: Batman: Mask of the Phantasm: One of the best animated series ever so this one is definitely on my watch list too.
    #1: NIMH: I discovered via the comic book version of the movie (and I still have it home) and it’s one of the most superb and clever animated movie ever.

    Just a word more if you read this by any chances (who knows): I’m wondering if you have seen The Last Unicorn (1985) as this one is for me is also one of the most underestimated animated movies ever.

  7. I didn’t know the existence of a lot of these films, and I don’t think I’ll see them ’cause I’m probably too old now to got their emotions.

    But I remember seeing three of them : Iron Giant, The Rescuers in Australia and Prince of Egypt. And they were so friggin’ cool I’m sure I can see them again now that I’m an adult and be like “yep, still awesome”!

    When I was a kid, I was obsessed by Prince of Egypt : knew all the songs, played the scene of the child on the Nil with my plush animals and a wicker basket… I’m not the religious type, but damn that the Bible have pretty great child stories in it!

    And I see the firts Babe but not the second. Don’t know if I should see it, but thanks, now I’ll got Edit Piaf song in my head for all the week!

  8. Akuro_Chikamatsu

    Prince of Egypt? YAAAAAAAAS. I’ve never been super religious, by my goodness, that was one amazing movie regardless of your denomination. What I really liked about it was (besides the visuals and music and sheer epicness) that the story was very human. Like how during “Let My People Go” (that song still gives me chills) Moses and Ramesses are fighting vehemently against each other for their causes, yet you can see and hear the pain the fight is causing them. The internal conflict and the pain it causes jumps off the screen at you. During other parts too; like when Moses’ mother gives him up or when he is reunited with his siblings. I also liked the humor the story contained and the joy and I could literally gush about this forever.

    And Iron Giant? LOVE IT. I will never stop loving it. It’s so sweet and heartwarming and fun and it stabs you in the heart at just the right times. “You stay. I go. No following.” I will cry every time. QAQ

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