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Get your ass to dis review! Sci-Fi Guy joins the Nostalgia Critic to review 1990’s Total Recall!

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  1. 1. It was seeing this review on Youtube that finally brought me to

    2. Seeing as how he had the dream about being on Mars “with” Melina and then we see her face again on the screen in Recall I choose to believe that everything between the end of the opening credits and the beginning of the closing credits was the Recall trip (dream) that Mr. Howser paid for. Douglas Quaid was just an artificial personality created from the memory implantation in Howser’s mind.

    3. I have one of those Star Trek Enterprise D technical manuals that Sci-Fi guy was reading while on mute. As a Trekker in the early 90’s that book was a very enjoyable read. It’ll probably even be worth something in another ten years.

    Thanks for the review, guys.

  2. This is a deeply unsettling movie if you play close attention. Verhoeven is a sly master of irony.

  3. I seriously hate crossovers. They are totally unfunny compared to NC’s solo episodes.

  4. No, Doug. When you see Sharon Stone ‘opinion’ rises.

  5. -This movie is not the best of Arnold but it is good it has its moments
    -Arnold only has one bad movie
    -You guys are funny
    -I do not care if it is a dream or not i am ok with them both

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