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Witness the first appearance of the Nostalgia Critic character, who later becomes the Bum as Doug reviews the movie Transformers. Check out the Nostalgia Critic Transformers review!

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Creator of 5 Second Movies, Nostalgia Critic, Bum Reviews and more.


  1. I liked the movie even if there were way to many scene with humans

  2. This was more like a bum review

  3. Lol I forgot just how hyped up your first review was XD

  4. Believe it or not this is the second review of yours I saw

  5. Was he on speed ?

  6. This was like nine years ago omg

  7. Christine Therrien

    ‘… who later becomes the Bum…’ Yeah, I think we all recognised our dear Chester… a version of him on crack.

  8. Since this website considers this to be the first video I shall leave this here.

    10 years ago, a man named Doug Walker was influenced by YouTube celebrities, particularly the AVGN. He then began a series if reviews of nostalgic shows and films, until YouTube shut his channel down.
    Taking a stand, he started his own website and invited many other rookie producers to make one massive geek website, where they too went on to become famous, and occasionally came together to make epic crossover movies, and everybody was happy…..
    ….or so we thought. As the years went on, scandals and controversy began to arise and producers started leaving in the mid 2010’s, then in 2018 Pandora’s Box opened and the ‘evils’ of Channel Awesome were fully exposed to the world. Resulting in a massive exodus of producers and fans, and the fall of an Internet titan.
    Of course the ‘evils’ of this channel are legit and cannot be ignored, however it can’t be denied that many people gained many fond memories and made new friends in the previous long ten years. While this recent developments are tragic, it’s also best to remember the good times and the fun times that was shared by all, even if this website and all NC content is wiped from existence. Don’t think as the last 10 years as a waste, think of it as a chapter closing, one that both had its ups and downs.
    RIP Channel Awesome 2008-2018.

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