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Doug finally answers the question so many of you have asked, what about Turtles Forever?

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  1. I think them saying “oh shell!” or “what the shell!” is suppose to be a “nicer version” of them saying “oh hell!” or “what the hell!” Because I don’t think parents would like a cartoon show with the characters saying hell (hell isn’t a good word but I don’t think its bad enough that it needs to be censored but that’s just me). I to liked the movie and if this was the last thin tmnt related they were ever going to do I would have been fine with it as well. Great review ^^*

  2. They couldn’t get the original voice actors because the actors were union but 4kids (who made this movie) is nonunion.

  3. kinda interesting when people said Bay’s Ninja turtles were “too big” or “on steroids” when they were roughly the same size as these ones, which are, in fact, the bulkiest of all versions these characters had. And also the most badass-looking ones.

  4. GRiMLEGiON187@gmail.com

    thanks for this I had never seen this movie. me and my kid loved it. it bridged the generational gap. his turtles and mine and the end was….. i have no words. your right this could have ended it. until bay dug it up to molest the corpse.

  5. What the shell is the PG version of What The Fuck

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