Nostalgia Critic vs AVGN Retrospect

The feud is cut to fit a short show, complete with tons more posters from the contest.

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  1. The boringest feud ever.

  2. I was especting… something different? The suspense with Critic running to is fight was building some great espectation, so… Ok, I’ll say it, the fight in slow motion in the parking was more epic (if we ignore that blondie dude ’cause who the f*ck was that guy?).

    But some of the art were bad shit awesome and what we see of the final battle still made me laught (gosh I’ll never be tired of the Jesus Transformer). I just discovered Nostalgia Critic last year on youtube, so I never knew all the story with Nerd. So glad that I discovered Channel Awesome and go back in time to see all that epicness!

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