What You Never Knew About Roger Rabbit

P-P-P-P-Please don’t act like you know them all! Did you catch all of these in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

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  1. the fuckin wind thing x’D thats hilarious

  2. Well, even if you didn’t care for the “main mystery”, I think the “sub-mystery” within it (what happened to Acme’s will) is more of a brain-teaser for the audience. Kind of a test to see if the audience was paying attention to all of Jessica and Roger’s ramblings about what happened the night of the murder.

  3. porky pig on a poster eating sausages. i need to re watch this soon. all i remember as a kid was hating judge doom’s toon form. scared the shit out of me every time i had to mute it

  4. Well, it’s mainly the behind the scenes stuff that I didn’t know. Like the voice actors and the deal for Daffy and Buggs. The visuals, my ADHD picked up on those quick. Doubly so for the villainous gust of wind.

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