Why is Nothing Original Anymore?

We all say we’re sick of it, so why do we keep seeing it, and why is nothing original anymore?

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  1. Hey Doug, I too am getting sick of all the remakes and reboots of everything, and also agree that original ideas are being tossed to the wayside because remakes and reboots are a “safe” investment in Hollywood.

    However, we do get some original material like Inception, Hot Fuzz, Interstellar, etc once in a while, but in recent years, (like 2011+), the remakes and reboots have been going way over the top. My guess is that Hollywood wants to get more asses on seats = $$$.

    • Forgot to mention that I’m not too sick of the comic book movie craze since this is the first time ALOT of series (Ant Man, Suicide Squad, Guardians of the Galaxy) are getting mainstream exposure.

      • Inception sucks… -_-

        • I’m kinda meh on it, but I only pointed it out as an original idea we get once in a while.

          • Point is that people miss the point. People forget that pop culture even until 90’ties was still more obscure then nowadays. Big stuff like Disco or Glam Rock suck then, and mega(s)hits and AAA games suck now. Nothing change!

            Reason why people can’y find nothing original now is because they search in wrong place. If we want original stuff we should forget about big titles and search on indie market where such stuff are and always were.

          • I know Inception it’s a new idea and new thing’s can be good. But the movie didn’t do anything for me. I still thinks it’s on of the most overrated movies of all time…

      • I’m kind of sick of the comic book movie craze, but then again I was never a comic book fan, so I’m just not the audience.
        Just like when Doug mentioned the Smurfs here. I HATED the Smurfs as a cartoon and therefore had no real connection to see the movie. However, I guess they made those films for SOMEONE…

      • Yeah agreed with pretty much all of it, also the bit about comic book movies, I haven’t read many comics, so before the movie, I had no idea what Guardians of the Galaxy was xD Still don’t really… still haven’t watched the movie ^^” But I’ll get to it soon!

      • Yeah, I am nowhere near sick of comic book movies for a multitude of reasons. Really, my problem is the lack of quality animated films or the lack of quality animated films that appeal to a certain niche.

    • futuremoviewriter

      Poses a very good question. As for reaction videos I want to see: The Wizard, Flubber, Home Alone 3, Christmas Story 2, Doug’s 1st Movie, Good Burger, Nicktoons, Nickcoms, SNICK, Christmas Tree, Last Airbender, Full House, King and I, Catwoman, Haunted Mansion, Small Soldiers, Swan Princess, Lost World, Ghost Dad, Face/Off, Master of Disguise, Eight Crazy Nights.

    • Both Television and Movies for do tend to churn up remakes, sequels and spinoffs based on how popular the original source materials regardless when they are made but some of these products (Guardians of the Galaxy, Legend of Korra, etc.) can be beneficial because we remember how connect the stories we’ve watched before and embrace how unique they interpret stories. Granted there will always be shows and movies like Cleveland Show and Transformers Sequels that show no effort in putting original material for us to care but whatever movie or tv series that could put a lot effort in terms of writing, story telling, and good characterization those are the visual mediums I praised highly to.

    • The problem is that the original material can also be considered non-original. If someone is cynical enough he can trace down an original idea to another previous similar one. Inception, for example, as original as it might seem, it can be considered a Matrix knock-off (computer simulations/ dreams).

      A completely original idea is usually snubbed by most people including critics (including Doug) as pretentious ARTSY (here’s the keyword) bullshit.

      So here’s the dilemma: people what originality in their movies but they cannot take it or accept it when real originality is presented to them.

    • From this decade so I can think of Inception, Django Unchained, Looper, Wreck-It Ralph, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Whiplash, Nightcrawler and last but definitely not least Birdman or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance. All these movies are lauded and acclaimed and aren’t based on anything. And remakes/adaptations? Yeah cause movies like Rise/Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Edge of Tomorrow, The Hunger Games, 12 Years a Slave, the new Star Trek, Skyfall, The Wolf of Wall Street and The Avengers/Guardians of the Galaxy totally suck right? Honestly, it’s like you people are looking for something to complain about. Plus, most of the all-time great movies are adaptations. Look at The Shining, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Jurassic Park, Schindler’s List, Goodfellas, etc. I’m really disappointed Doug chose to tackle such a worthless subject.

  2. Why is nothing Original anymore? The better question is why people except retread ideas? The same reason why “FOUND FOOTAGE FILMS” will never die, the general public keeps dolling out money for it.

  3. So… Hollywood is making tons of sequels/remakes to well-known IPs because they are more recognizable and sell better than unknown IPs?
    Oh, and original ideas are still super-important and sooner or later people will get tired of adaptations, probably.

    Shocking. Most insightful editorial ever. How does the Nostalgia Prophet know these sacred mysteries, hidden from the limited minds of mere mortals?

    I wish Nostalgia Critic only made editorials when he actually had something important and insightful to say, and not something that’s blindingly obvious immediately upon reading its title. This by-weekly filler could be made by any lazy college student, trying to score a passing grade in a two-credit elective “fun” subject.

    • Mo often than not it’s more just to get a discussion going in the comments, and btw it’s “bi-weekly” by-weekly implies it was made by someone named weekly 😛

      • You could try to rationalize these videos like that I suppose, but it’s pretty weak I think. The unavoidable and fairly obvious truth is these filler video’s are simply cash grabs. Ad revenue is down for most all video creators and the way Doug seems to be dealing with it is simply cranking out higher quantities.

        It’s fine I guess, I mean it’s a business reality that they need to make money to survive. Still it’s pretty obvious when he does it, not just these filler editorial’s that don’t really have any meat to them but the endless stream of commentaries and most egregiously when he splits up what could be one or two list videos into 10 installments that barely make it past three minutes. (Disneycember).

        You do what you got to do in the end but.. yeah it’s throw away content.

      • “Mo often than not it’s more just to get a discussion going in the comments”
        Channels don’t produce videos to get a discussion going. As people have pointed out (and as anyone should know), it’s done for ad revenue. Which would be fine, if the video in question didn’t have a clickbaity title coupled with an absolute lack of content. And if NC didn’t do this regularly for years since his return.

        “btw it’s “bi-weekly” by-weekly implies it was made by someone named weekly”
        Douchy McNitpick strikes again.

    • Thank you. Doug was already a hilariously pretentious hack whose “insights” are at their most original exceptionally obvious and condescending, but this reaches a new low.

      • Oh shut up you stupid douche bag and stick your head back up your asses. If u don’t like the video than fine but lease your retarded opinions to yourself!

        • Because comments sections only exist to kiss ass, Rachel? Their comments are not “retarded” at all, nothing Doug says in this video is insightful, enlightening or even remotely informative / interesting to anybody who knows a little bit about current pop culture. He’s just stating the obvious and wasting everybody’s time – including his own. It’s painfully clear that these “editorials” are nothing but filler.

          By the way, to hear the kind of “criticism” he offers in this video from somebody who ran from something relatively original back to his old schtick / brand with his tail between his legs for nothing but financial reasons smells of hypocrisy. If “Demo Reel” had generated enough clicks / ad money, the “Nostalgia Critic” would have stayed dead.

          • Idk, I think the only ones that feel like they are wasting their time are those that bother to continue watching these videos when obviously they don’t like them.

            At one point, Nostalgia Critic was an original idea. Granted, he’s been doing it for so long that for him to come back to it after Demo Reel may seem like a repeated act, but it had its origins. He’s also trying to make each episode original and funny, the editorials like these are just to buy him and the crew time in filming since he puts a lot of effort into it. So yes, of course they are filler, you’re the one pointing out the obvious to those who like watching Doug’s videos.

          • Watch out! Better not criticize Doug when he makes bad videos, or else his ass-kissing fans will spend the day crying in the corner.

          • “Idk, I think the only ones that feel like they are wasting their time are those that bother to continue watching these videos when obviously they don’t like them.”
            I think you are wasting your time reading these comments when obviously you don’t like them.

            “So yes, of course they are filler, you’re the one pointing out the obvious”
            There’s nothing obvious about a particular video being filler. It either is or it isn’t. If NC put more effort or had more inspiration for this type of content, then it wouldn’t be filler. He’s made some great editorials, particularly the one with Romeo and Juliette, so he can do it. He just didn’t, for a very long time.

            Oh, and buying time has nothing to do with whether an editorial is good or bad. Its quality depends on the quality of its writing, not editing or anything related to production. A clever, insightful video addressing this topic would take exactly the same time/cost to make – you’d just need to have relevant ideas and opinions on the subject, instead of reiterating that which everyone already knows.

          • “I think you are wasting your time reading these comments when obviously you don’t like them.”

            I respect your opinion on you not liking this editorial, and I was simply stating an opinion myself. You didn’t like this editorial because it wasn’t “relevant” or the writing was complete shit, but I thought it was fine, especially if I’m having to wait another week for a review.

            “Oh, and buying time has nothing to do with whether an editorial is good or bad. Its quality depends on the quality of its writing, not editing or anything related to production.”

            You’re right I agree, I love a good writing more than I do a good production. I am also saying majority of the work he’s focusing on are his reviews. If he just stopped making editorials all together, we would be waiting 2 weeks for a video. I think he just wants to have “something” each week, even if they aren’t his greatest videos or are relevant to majority of his viewers. Do I think all his videos are absolute perfection? No I don’t. But I’m not going to base one video in him being a complete hack or hypocrite. He’s honestly one of the few reviewer’s I keep up to date with because I enjoy his reviews.

          • la Lumière wow i freaking hate you with a passion thagt’s amazing how much you try to degrade the dude. “oh if demo reel hadn’t made money NC would still be dead i know this because i’m on the internet hmp!” Yeah i am a ass kisser and proud of it if it means defending my main man Doug from haters like you who purposely try to insult him. And i know he doesn’t care but i do and I’m sick of you guys attacking him calling him a hack or pathetic when you can just watch another video and i’ll admit this video was a bit pointless but it’s his video, if you don’t like it, fine but then watch another video like BB or Film brain or cinema snob or NChick or even obscures loopa.
            And i take back my i hate you comment that was needed and was insentive on my part so i am sorry but please if you want to rant about how much you hate doug now may i recommend TVtropes, it’s a wonderful site where you can post whatever you want and not worry about people attacking you, if they do the comment will be taken down and there writing privileges will be withdrawn. I’ve dealt with and done it lol. Anyways have a pleasant day internet typer and god bless you.

          • la you’re still a bully

          • La you’re nothing but a stupid bully and you should feel ashamed of yourself for attacking a person like that, I mean doug. I’m so sick of seeing comments like this attacking these people in the videos, not just doug you stupid idiot but anyone on this site. It’s disgusting how you attack them. If you don’t like them then don’t say anything and stop using that b.s. freedom of speech stuff that’s no excuse for attacking him. Ass kisser or not I don’t think you should be attacking people period.

          • I’m sorry.

        • Oh shut up you stupid douche bag and stick your head back up your asses. If u don’t like my comment than fine but lease your retarded opinions to yourself!

        • I love it how you feel the need to whine and moan instead of addressing the fact that Doug is a hack.

          • Not only a hack, but a dumb asshole as well. Sometimes I wonder if Doug thinks his audience is 12-year old school kids, because that’s the exact manner he addresses everyone.

          • You’re a jerk and t1337Dude you’re a bigger jerk, he’s comedian you retards, he’s not addressing us as children he’s joking around and if that is not your brand of comedy than watch something else alright. And yeah i am a ass kissing doug fan and i’m damn proud of it! And you can be a hater and proud of it but do it somewhere else, like on tvtropes where you can be anonymous and whoever attacks you will have there account banned. It’s a cool site but don’t do it on here if you can take us ass kissers.

          • Okay you’re not a jerk but please again if you want to attack Doug go to tvtropes you can rant and rave and not worry about people attacking you. Now see ya later and good bless you and sorry i love everybody but doug is my idol and if you have an idol or ever had one u get why i was so defensive. But again sorry. So water under the bridge guys?

          • Your saying Doug, is a hack?!

          • I don’t get it how is he a dumb asshole though, if you don’t like him then fine but don’t regress to name calling. I know that wrong and i insulted you guys! But to call a man you don’t know such hurtful names is worse than what i did!

          • I’m sorry!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Never heard of about free speech?

          • I’m sorry that’s your freedom of speech, constantly and viciously insulting a man and his work!

          • Free speech doesn’t give you freedom from being disagreed with.

          • Doug doesn’t believe in free speech. If you post negative comments about him, he will ban you. He’s that sensitive.

          • Rachel J, I don’t think that you understand concept of free speech, like at all. Yes, they have every right to criticize him and his work, that’s entire point of free speech; you can state your opinion. Fact, they could do this in more civil manner, withouth resorting to ad personam attacks, but still you have no right to tell them that they should shut up, only because you don’t like what they have to say. As long as they don’t break the law and don’t brake TGWTG rules, they can say whatever they want.

            steely111, sure but disagreeing with someone if completely different from saying that someone should shut up.

            t1337Dude and yet your comment and this entire conversation, wasn’t deleted…

          • Earl Grey, leave me alone, I know what freedom of speech is but i have my restrictions and calling someone a dumbass is mean, I don’t like when these reviewers are attacked on the internet like that because they do have lives. I get you people don’t want to hang the man but I don’t like seeing people getting attacked period.

            t1337Dude god you are so stupid! I’m sorry, I’m sorry I know that was wrong to say but when has Doug ever and I mean ever BANNED ANYONE! If that was the case my account would’ve been gone the moment I posted that other comment, all you are is a bully a disgusting bully who is attacking Doug. The only person who is a sensitive is you, it’s really you. As long as I’ve been on this site I have never ever seen a comment section be taken down, people be banned and all that you must have your brain mixed up with another site called TVtropes, you must. Please tell me you do!

          • I’m sorry Earl Grey, you’re just in the firing squad, get out while you can sweetie pie, this conversation will going on and on.


          • I’m so sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I’ll do anything for your forgivness, come beat the crap out of me if you want.

          • I’m so so so so so so sorry I’m so so so so sorry I’m so so so so sorry can you please forgive me. I am so sorry, I am so sorry so please please please please forgive me please!

      • I’m sorry she sorry I’m sorry she’s sorry. What? Sorry what sorry I am freaking bitching sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryy! Forgive me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dammit forgive me!

    • Running With Scissors

      Maybe it wasn’t the most groundbreaking video ever, but there’s no reason to be so harsh. There are actually a lot of editorials that are pretty insightful and interesting. “Does Romeo and Juliet Suck” is one of my favorite NCs. His points are really valid there.

      One mediocre video isn’t a reason to hate on the guy.

      Plus, yeah, even if they are filler, there’s nothing too wrong with that. It just means they’re putting such extra effort into the next big review that comes out that it’s taking a while.

      • God bless you for saying something so nice thank you. I tried to do the same but came off as an ass kisser, which i’m proud i just wish i hadn’t lost my temper.

    • So a guy can’t just contribute to an ongoing discussion?

    • I’d just like to point out that I got IP banned the following day. Looks like someone can’t handle criticism haha.

  4. Sometimes I blame Hollywood for not being original anymore, but I often have to deal with it and just let them do what they want to do.

  5. While I love watching original films, I still won’t lie that there are some adaptations I actually want to see – as in, they don’t exist, but I would like them to.
    My biggest one is Silent Hill, which got two movies, but both were really bad (especially the second one) and didn’t have what made the original stories so good and memorable in the first place. However, that doesn’t mean that nothing could be done with them – you could make a great movie (or a few) based on the early SH games but the writers should follow the story and not add in cliches that weren’t there in the first place. (Like Christophe Gans did with the first film)
    Sometimes I’d just like to have these stories shared with an audience that can’t get into video games as well as experience them again myself from a different perspective.

    • Just a few novels I’d like to see adapted to the Big Screen:
      Prey – Michael Crichton
      Faerie Tale – Raymond E. Feist
      Waylander, Waylander II: In the Realm of the Wolf, Legend, Knights of Dark Renown, The Lion of Macedon, Dark Prince and The Troy Trilogy – David Gemmell
      Echoes of the Fourth Magic – R.A. Salvatore
      The five book Prism Pentad starting with The Verdant Passage – Troy Denning
      The Elenium and The Tamuli – David Eddings

      Novels that I know are never going to get adapted although I wish to Heaven things had been different:
      Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising and The Last Command – Timothy Zahn
      The X-Wing Series – Michael Stackpole and Aaron Allston {A TV Series would be the better option}.

      And then there’s Terry Brooks Shannara series of which I’m simultaneously Hyped up and Dreading the Elfstones adaptation that’s in the works.

      And Discworld – I’ve been badly let down by literally every adaptation yet but still would love a real Movie adaptation of say Guards Guards+Men At Arms or Witches Abroad+Lords & Ladies

  6. why isn’t this video a VLog about the latest Gravity Falls?

  7. Ironically while Smurfs I watched because of a connection to a previous property Melancholia I didn’t watch also because of a connection to a previous property.

    Every preview I saw sold Another Earth as a sci fi flick and it was really more of a character study that focused very little on the science. or even had that as it’s main plot. I am hesitant to see movies that are all “sci fi but not really”

  8. I’ve been enjoying Korean dramas more then American shows.

  9. 1) We’re still technically in a recession, so the people with the money want to be as “safe” as possible: remakes, reboots, nostalgia, films based off of other long-running media, etc. The end. No moral.

    2) Nothing was original in the first place. The best you can hope for is something with influences you don’t recognize or can safely ignore.

    You’re not an awful critic, but this is a stupid topic and you should know better.

  10. I guess I’ve always been exposed to mainstream media so much that I fooled myself with this philosophy, “There is no such thing as originality. It’s how you tell the story that makes it original.” I still think that’s true as there are definitely a growing list of movies that support this opinion, but it definitely made me think about the movies I like that are in fact original ideas. Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, The Secret of Kells, some of Miyazaki’s work. All these movies I remember because of the unique way they tell a story.

  11. lego movie was dogshit

  12. Sometimes original ideas are just not what I want to see. Like you mention Melancholia – I don’t like movies about the end of the world pretty much no matter what, so I never checked it out. However, I want to check out Song of the Sea because I enjoy animation, fantasy and folklore.

    • Granted, I haven’t seen the movie, but isn’t Song of the Sea just an adaptation of the legend of the Selkie.

      • I agree the story and archetypes for Song of the Sea seems inspired or like a homage to Irish folklore, but everything else about the film is of its own, the visuals, the music and the characters, all well done I think.

  13. And what is more, the Academy Award for best animated Feature: “Big Hero 6” based on Marvel property.

    “The Boxtrolls” was original and should have won.

    On the other end look how many Best Picture nominees are based on books, true events, or feature other creative works (like how “Whiplash” was about Jazz music, if someone was into Jazz they would watch it).

  14. are they making a new nightmare on elm st?


    I mean

    sorry I”m just so excited

  16. My theory: Movies have simply diverged. Yes there is an overabundance of pop cultural movie rehashes. But there still are movie like 12 years a slave, American Hustle and whatever else the Oscar Jury has deemed worthy the last years. The problem is more so that the pop cultural movies get promoted more aggressively, they are more talked about and in the case of sequels, as you said, it is a circle that feeds itself. In addition, I think they are huge cash grabs with rather big earning margins.

    But honestly, movies are the 2nd least problem. While TV shows are doing great atm, how much variance is there in the book stores these days. All I ever see are the dark teenage fantasy romance adventures. Video gaming hasn’t produced a big IP in years, which leads to some games having to restart their counting systems. And it’s not an america-only problem. The VN and anime scene has gotten repetitive as well.

    • That actually has been a point that’s been talked about a good bit in the anime/manga scene, where, despite what all, and I do mean all, forms of media are doing some form of adaptation, and such.

      Hell, I’m watching right now, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders which has a lot of influence with Fist of the North Star; roughly 90%+ of shonen anime are based within one another; even with the new Sailor Moon Crystal is trying to be more faithful to the manga…but is getting mixed results.

      All in all, as much as some people on here are bashing an “obvious” topic, it’s still a nice discussion to look back and think about what’s actually working and what’s not working overall.

  17. InfinitySorcerer625

    In my opinion, just because a film is based on something that already existed doesn’t mean it’s necessarily bad or unoriginal. If the film can bring fresh ideas, storytelling, and characters to the table then it’s just as new and creative anything else. Also, a movie’s success doesn’t just depend on how much recognizable it is, it also depends a lot on someone’s personal preference. For example, the film you mentioned Doug “Melancholia” doesn’t appeal to me not because it’s not based on something I already know and love, it doesn’t appeal to me because it’s not my type of movie. That doesn’t make it bad or anything, just not in my taste for movies.

    Also, have they ever announced when this Game Show is premiering? All I keep hearing about them needing contestants.

  18. am I the only one who thought that that face paint at the end there made Doug look like a Vulcan?

  19. Which movie did that clip of the fencing class come from?

  20. Goddammit, it’s HERACLES! “Hercules” is the name given to him by the Romans. WHY DOES NO ONE TRY TO GET THIS RIGHT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  21. I’ve never seen Poltergeist, but I feel that it never needed any sequels or remakes. Star Wars VII, on the other hand, I’m considering…

    Ugh, did you have to use Melancholia as an example? That kind of plot is just as bad as movies based off of cartoons we grew up with. Couldn’t you have used The Artist or Drive? (No, I never saw any of those 3 either…) I have yet to see The Lego Movie, and the praise has got me curious. Maybe the reason why it didn’t win Best Animated Feature is BECAUSE it’s about Legos? Although being a cult movie doesn’t hurt, either.

    Also, I’m sick to death of the existence of all these movies about drugs or adultery because in our reality, stuff like that has a very high chance of ending badly.

  22. The least original thing in the video was part of the video:

    Good God was that background music was obnoxious!

    Where’d you find it? Now That’s What I Call Elevator Tunes Volume 4?

    Oh yeah, cool topic and all.

  23. This is nothing new. The entertainment industry have been doing this for as long as I can remember. Before the ‘reboot’ of Planet of the Apes, the original movie spawned several sequels. Dirty Harry had several sequels, and set the pattern for its genre. Movies like MASH, Planet of the Apes, and Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore spawned TV series based loosely on the movies. Franchises like Star Trek, James Bond, and Doctor Who have been with us for more than 50 years. You could say that they’re not even original in their lack of originality.

  24. There are no original movies anymore because people don’t want originality. it’s just like with video games. A great, original video game may come out one day, but no matter how great it is, people will always gravitate to their call of duties and craft games. And also, there is only so much you can do with a story. There’s not that much originality left anymore.

  25. What about movies like “The Hateful 8”, a Tarantino movie coming out that is something that’s not based on a different source? There are still some original ideas, but they don’t have the branding behind them to popularize them as much. “Chronicle”, while not the best movie, was still a decent enough superhero IP.

  26. Hey, I’m okay with new movies based on old nostalgic classics, as long as they keep what made the films good and fix what made the films bad. Like in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, instead of making Raph the main focus why not focus on the rest of the brothers. And please have the final climax between the Shredder more memorable than “take him down one at a time”

  27. Jesus the number of commentors who are typing like they only saw the title of the vid without watching first. Also, yeah, doug, that choice of bakground music. What were you thinking man?
    Looking forward to yo’next vlog tho, and the goodluck with the gameshow!
    ….p.s.watch steven universe

  28. For his next editorial Doug should do something that features Secret of Kells and Songe of the Sea.

  29. When the Nostalgia Critic says enough on the retreads and the reboots, that is saying something.

    I have two thoughts to add this. 1) Hollywood keeps making them because of the feast/famine nature box offices have become. If movies aren’t busting records with 100 mil opening weekends they earn a withering 10-20 mil. Studios worsen this by only wanting feasts so they pick the stuff that’s likely to make a big return. Today it’s Comic movies, seven years ago it was horror movies, seven years before that it was teen chow movies.

    2) The movie-going experience isn’t as strong as before. Studios want to have event films. Stuff that people will see no matter if it is good or not because you don’t want to be the one person who missed out. For me that movie was the Matrix, but everyone has one that missing out brands you ‘weird’. But the EVENT isn’t enough. I didn’t see TF4 because the event didn’t matter. I didn’t see Winter Soldier or Guardians of the Galaxy in theaters, but seeing them at home on DVD works just as well. I think with the erosion of the experience of joining your fellow movie goers in an adventure, movies have become feast or famine. And hence Hollywood will soon eat its own profits to keep going.

  30. Um…wasn’t Secret of Nimh based on a series of children’s books?

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