Wicker Man (2006) – Nostalgia Critic

Not the “Not the Bees” joke! Not the “Not the Bees” joke! Can you bear Cage in 2006’s Wicker Man remake?

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  1. Slenderhunter259

    Nothing Hurts More Then A Slap Done Bear Handed 😀

  2. And thus began my love for Tamara

  3. I recently watched the film today. Another so bad it’s good film along with Mommie Dearest, Cool As Ice, Dungeons & Dragons, and The Room.

  4. Oh god I was in tears with the bear jokes.

  5. Nostalgic yielding so easy? never thought he’d bee a puss 😉

    also, “arya stark”? seriously? anyway the demon incarnate will be called demon incarnate by me xD

  6. Ah, Tamara’s amazing introduction. One of my favorite moments of all of Nostalgia Critic.

  7. Carrie E. Moffett

    “Creeping little Elf on a Shelf”. I don’t know why that amuses me so much.

  8. Carrie E. Moffett

    Usually ceremonies like that need to be done on a certain day, so that’s probably why they didn’t kill him immediately.

  9. My BIGGEST problem was that little girl… Most kids know a policeman reaching out for you in that situation is a lifeline… Was she mentally retarded? I don’t mean an insult here, I’m serious. Was her character damaged in the head and unable to comprehend that she was going to die?

  10. Where’s the video?

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