Hammerman – Was That Real?

Yep, MC Hammer had a cartoon show. You can’t touch this…but who would want to? The Nostalgia Critic looks at the early 1990’s cartoon Hammerman, and asks Was That Real?

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  1. Okay, I’ve heard of a lot of shit in my day, …but an animated series starring MC Hammer was not one of them.

    • 2:44- The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme, this is not. If I ever see an intro like the one in Hammerman on TV, I would immediately change the channel at about the 15 second mark.

      4:16- And I thought the cutaway jokes and filler scenes in Family Guy were a waste of time. You hear that, Hammer!? You were more lazy than Seth “The King of 9/11 Jokes” MacFarlane! HOW THE FUCK DO YOU DO THAT!?

      4:38- The talking shows look like they belong in Toon Town from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

      I agree that Jody is a stupid bitch, even stupider than Lois Lane in the early Superman days. BTW, in the original Adventures of Superman TV show, she was trying to figure out whether or not Clark Kent was Superman.

  2. WTR on Sonic Underground?

  3. Wait a minute! Wasn’t last week’s episode an Editorial?

  4. I remember watching this as a kid. I now wonder why I liked it, I even ripped it off for a short-story I wrote at school (though the only element I took was the item of clothing that makes you a superhero, just replacing shoes with gloves). Also, I’d never heard of MC Hammer before I saw it…. or after I saw it for that matter!

    Also, Critic, I thought you said water wasn’t funny.

  5. Unfortunately, I’ll admit that I loved this show when I was a kid! lol and Holy crap! The NC reviewed something I suggested!!!!! Thanks Doug!!!

  6. I remember when Doug used to day that beeing wet isn’t funny.

    This cartoon’s painful to watch.

  7. also remember at the same exact time., there was a New Kids On The Block cartoon as well., and they were both on ABC’s Saturday morning lineup.,,.

  8. You know, I was thinking that you and Rap Critic should sometime do a top 11 (or 9 if it’s done on his show) worst rap songs in children’s movies.

  9. *Donated*

    I was curiously interested in the MC hammer cartoon. It sounds like an okay concept especially for the 90s however the execution wasn’t good at all. It seemed from the review that only a minimum of effort went into it. The raps were cringe worthy as well. I can’t believe it wasn’t straight to DVD but actually on TV at one time. Kind of embarrassing….

    I can’t wait for next weeks review! 🙂

  10. A review that takes more than a week to complete, and it’s something to do for a long time? I hope it’s Yin Yang Yo! Either way, I’m still looking forward to it!

  11. What was his rationale for calling himself Hammerman? He’s not a rapper in the cartoon and his abilities apparently have nothing to do with hammers.

  12. I be 100% honest, I thought I was the only one that remember this show, lol I remember it to be honest the dancing, talking shoes and the power of music notes. Tho I remember it no one else seems to, lol

  13. Old wall! <3

  14. It’s a bit sad, since a retired superhero named “Soul Man”, searching the hip hop community for someone worthy of passing on his musical powers to actually sounds like an amazing premise for a cartoon.

  15. Maybe the kid has face blindness or something.

  16. If ever I doubt that my parents love me, I must remember that I wanted to watch that cartoon and my dad flat out told me I could not. I love you, Dad.

  17. Again, this is one of those shows I remember watching as a kid knowing it existed but whenever I try to talk to my friends or any other kids about it years later they look at me like I had a third eye growing out of my forehead.

    I am surprise that Doug could get as much info as he could on this show for the episode seeing how Wikipedia’s page barely left a dent in telling us anything about the cartoon series.

  18. I’ve always held that Hammerman was the absolute nadir of American animation. It was the catalyst for me to get into anime. There was almost nothing at that time produced in the USA worth watching and I had to get my animation fix somewhere.

  19. Well, this makes me glad I was born in ’91 and missed out on the world’s Hammer phase.

    Eagerly awaiting the big review next week! You guys clearly put more passion and effort into your reviews than the movies being reviewed. 🙂

  20. Clearly the anti-graffiti message wasn’t obvious enough for Banksy.

  21. Congratulations Hammerman you managed to have even worse animation then Space Thunder Kids. You must be very proud, now for me to spend the next few hours in a bottle of absinthe to forget this little incident ever happened.

  22. I remember watching an episode when I was younger but was unimpressed so I never watched it again. It only lasted three or so episodes, I think. I remember liking the base idea, but hating the actual product. I still love the basic design, too. If you took this show today and popped it on Adult Swim I would assume it was a parody and watch it religiously.

  23. iamnotincompliance

    You know you’re doing something wrong when you make Hanna-Barbera look smooth and well funded.

  24. You would do munsters today the 80s sitcom for an episode of was that real

  25. I remember this show. If I remember correctly this was one of the shows that helped to end original Saturday morning cartoons on NBC along with *shudder* ‘Yo Yogi’

  26. Holy crap, I thought I was the only kid that knew about that cartoon!! I don’t remember much about it, other than the Gramps character, that it was about MC Hammer and his cartoon alias Hammerman, the magical talking shoes and the kids. Apparently I was a enough of a fan of the show that I actually owned a Hammerman plastic lunch box.

    Also, yay!! Dena’s in the spotlight!! Finally!! She’s a great Channel Awesome contributor and deserves the recognition!

  27. Yep, this show was crap.

    I will defend Hammer himself, though. Although he has now become something of a joke in the same caliber as Vanilla Ice, back in the day his heart was in the right place. As I understand it, his financial problems stemmed from wanting to ‘elevate’ everyone in his crew by giving them huge paydays, even though in the long run he couldn’t keep up that rate of pay.

    Also, people made fun of him for not being a ‘real’ rapper for making this cartoon, and yet today we see rappers who headlined “N-Words With Attitude” doing multiple uber-family friendly films like “Are We There Yet?”

    BTW: I don’t think this matters, but I guess I’ll point out that I’m black (if that means anything to my perspective).

  28. This show is how I was exposed to Hammer. I don’t know if Can’t Touch This was never released in the UK, or I was too young so I missed it, but I remember catching a few episodes when I was young and this is how I came to know about MC Hammer existing.
    Truth be told, at the time, I thought He was based on the cartoon. Kind of like Disney in the last decade with Hannah Montanna, they made the show first and the character built around it. I honestly thought for a while that guy was a live action version of the Hammer Man who was all part of the marketing, trying to set his good example and teach his life lessons to kids through dance and music.
    Hell, if you can start with a Ninja Turtles cartoon and end up with a live action rock band is it really that far fetched for a four year old to think that.

  29. Totally awesome Cameo.. U should base a movie on AVGN @ Nostalgic Critic.. Of course that a pipe dream of mine that will never happen..

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