Sam and Max Freelance Police – Was That Real?

Dogs and rabbits living together, MASS HYSTERIA! The Nostalgia Critic takes a look at 1997’s cartoon series Sam and Max Freelance Police, in this episode of Was That Real?

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  1. hmm, never saw it…

  2. P.S. I never saw Sam and Max Freelance Police. I thought it was a stupid cartoon then and I think it’s a stupid cartoon now.

    • You obviously do not understand.

      I mean, if fast-paced weirdness isn’t your thing, OK.

      But calling Sam and Max a “stupid cartoon” is like saying a blimp is gassy. It is technically true, but kind of missing the point.

      • To be honest Sam and Max has always been a witty series, with dialogue that was cartoony and crazy sure, but it has a tone of sophistication behind it. Like an abbot and Costello sketch. Or even laurel and hardy ^^

        It’s anything but stupid. In fact a lot of jokes had to be toned down to be considered a cartoon back then, since adult cartoons were rare or non-existent. They were thought of to be for kids and kids only.

    • What the hell is this a P.S. to anyways?

  3. Victoria Heckman

    You know, just from these clips alone I find myself laughing at the sheer insanity.
    And that bit with Max talking about “polka dot jammies”, I’m willing to bet fans of “Invader Zim” and “Freakazoid” would get a kick out of it.
    In fact, I think this show would have done a lot better if it aired on Adult Swim.

    • I agree. I never got into the Sam and Max games, but from these clips, I’m pretty interested in this show now……

      On another note. I’m not a fan of the new player. It has the same problem that I have with Youtube, in that for videos longer than a minute or two, it only loads the next minute or so, before stopping, rather than loading the full video. This is fine for people who are watching their data usage, but I for one prefer to let full videos load in the background while I’m doing other stuff, so that I can watch them even if I take my laptop somewhere that doesn’t have internet. Just my thoughts on the matter though….

    • go tweet at them to air it then.

  4. You mentioned Earthworm Jim and you DON’T think it’s a better video game cartoon than Sonic The Hedgehog (Satam)? Screw you for your opinion! I knew you’d mention “The Tick” at some point. Geez, you seem to be whoring yourself out at the end. You mentioned this in your “Ghost Dad” review. I had no idea this was originally based on a comic and not a video game, so I guess it wasn’t better than Earthworm Jim after all

  5. Even NC is going to Screenwave? Wow, I guess Blip really had gone downhill.

  6. Kris Stark-Holmes

    The card game looks interesting, but Doug, honey, were you high when you made that ad?

  7. Loved this when I was younger. One episode had a side character who constantly freaked out called “Hudson”. I was only just old enough to get the reference and I thought it was genius. A shame they didn’t make more.

  8. Righteous

    (He said almost unironically)

  9. One of my favourite shows.

  10. I’ve actually heard of this show when it was originally on Fox Kids. I haven’t watched much of it like I did Tiny Toons and Animaniacs, but I knew of it from its advertisements on the station.

  11. I do remember the show, but I never paid much mind to it. There was too many other shows during this tenure that were better. I’ll stick to the games in the meantime.

  12. i really enjoy thins newer wtr series. loved moo mesa episode.

  13. Sonic Underground?

  14. I’ve personally never understood your “all comedy is based on misery” philosophy. That seems really arbitrarily limiting to what comedy can be. I think this show is hilarious.

  15. I remember Sam and Max I’m not sure I saw more than one or two episodes at the time, but a quote or two stuck with me (Idle hands are the devil’s monkey bars). It was weird… Thanks.

    Less specifically I and others have already criticized your definition of comedy as too narrow among other things (such as in comments on the Mama Mia review back many months ago) but here I think you undermine yourself even more. So all comedy involves suffering except for all the stuff that does not. So what can we conclude? Are you really saying anything? I would rethink your commitments.

  16. I LOVE the first game on the PC, but this cartoon couldn’t even come close to the clever fun of the game. I stopped watching after 3 episodes and went back to play the game instead.


    Now we talking! This is incredibly underrated!

  18. Bloodsehd113094

    Stop saying all comedy is based on suffering. If it was, explain puns, referential humor or even just knock-knock jokes. It’s really annoying how you are trying to group all comedy under one umbrella. That would be trying to say every single movie is an action movie or every game is a platformer. It’s just inaccurate. If you’re trying to say what you find most funny is suffering, then you’re really bad at getting that across.

  19. I hope Doug does the Jim Carrey Animated Shows next. Them being Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Mask and Dumb and Dumber.

  20. “I am Lactose the Intolerant!”

    I just died of laughter hearing that.

  21. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I saw pushinguproses review of the Sam and max hit the road game and I think that Sam and max are an interesting crime team. Now I understand why the tv show failed but cmon put a show like that for adults on foxs animation domination and I assure you it would be a success. Also like how your advertising fantastic storytelling it truly is a fantastic card game.

  22. I love this show as a kid

  23. I just noticed that The Geek is apparently voiced by the same voice actress who was the heroine in Jump Start 5th Grade (remember those games?). Especially in the 90s, there were and are apparently only two or three voice actors for each gender/age/race bracket, it seems.

  24. I played one of the games, but never saw the show.

  25. All that and no Malcolm impression?!

  26. I’m really starting to like these WTR segments ur doing 😀 so most of them were on shows i have or haven’t heard of. I think you should do one of Mummies Alive

  27. I own this on DVD. Love this Cartoon, and the comics, and the games. Basically everything Sam and Max.

  28. Anyone else hope he does The Pirates of Darkwater someday?

  29. Is anyone else having trouble seeing this?

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