Old vs New – Cinderella

The gloves are off…the long sparkly ones anyway. Which Disney Cinderella is the best one?

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  1. Skip to 3:50 to get to the actual point of the video and skip all the boring unfunny stuff.

    • Unless you think it is funny…like me.

    • ThatManWithTheHeadband12

      Being an asshole is not an option here. You should watch the whole video no matter what

      • Well, this IS Nostalgia Critic. Where do you think he LEARNED expressing your opinions like an asshole?

        And I have to admit, everything Doug does with his videos are just getting old and stale with every one nowadays. When he first came back, it seemed like he was doing fine, but that’s because these skits weren’t old news by then, and as someone who started out watching the series in 13′, I have to admit, it’s not really funny anymore.

        Doug still does good commentary and criticism, but if he can’t find a way to make these videos feel fresh and funny, I think it’s high time he ends the show.

        • I liked the older NC episodes better, when he wasn’t doing this lame , SNL-wannabe sketch-comedy shit so often.

        • Neo-stalgia Fan 1

          Ok, 1) That’s no excuse to be an asshole as a person anywhere you go. You’re not portraying a comedic reviewer character. You’re just being yourself. And if your best self honestly forces your opinions on other people, then you’ve got a lot to work on.
          2) If you people don’t like how he’s doing the show nowadays, THEN WHY THE HELL ARE YOU STILL WATCHING!? Go watch somebody else who still does their show in a similar manner if that’s what you miss so much. It’s not his fault that you don’t like or agree with whatever new creative direction he goes in.

          It’s not up to you people whether he ends the show or not, it’s up to him. In fact, HE DID, and look how you all reacted to that! I swear the commentators on here are so flip-flopity that it’s starting to smell like a pancake factory. Maybe he’ll do more callbacks to the old days (I guess everybody forgot that this was an Old vs New…) or maybe he’ll just keep coming up with newer different ideas, but by this point he’s already addressed this issue, he should be allowed to move in whatever direction he feels like. This isn’t a matter of “if he doesn’t go back to the way he was or does it in a way I like then he’s gonna have to end the show”. No, what it really is is if he doesn’t continue the show in a way that you find enjoyable anymore, then you can stop watching it. He doesn’t have to end something he does for a living just because you don’t agree with his artistic direction, but YOU can make the choice to keep watching and support him or draw the line and move on with other things and stop complaining about an internet review show.

          Just for all this shit, I hope he does more jokes about the “fans” again, it’s like nobody ever learns around here. XP

          • You deserve a medal!

          • If I could give the Orison Wells clapping gif, I would.

          • It’s his choice to make the videos or not, but he also makes money off the audience giving their time to watch his videos. Given that he criticizes content for a living, it’s not really fair to defend him with the old “you should be grateful for what you get and have no right to criticize.” The fact of the matter is that he thinks that people are interested in the character and whatever little plot lines that he bulks out his video with like corn in a Budweiser when the thing that attracted his audience was direct mockery and criticism.

          • Cut out the fanboy drama everyone.

            People can like certain aspects and dislike others.

            I happen to think the skit comedy that breaks up the actual review is really hit or miss… and for me it is a miss 95% of the time.

            No need to grandstand so hard on simple differing of opinions. People still watch his show because his actual reviews and analysis are what drew some of his crowds in the first place. I’ve been watching NC for years and back when it was mainly memes, they had about the same success rate as his current skid comedy bits do.

            So, to each their own I guess. I appreciated the parent comment to tell me where the meaningful part of the video I wanted to see, started. No need to start throwing “Asshole” accusations around, makes everyone look like one.

    • Hey! I actually enjoyed the beginning. Hell, the ending is actually pretty funny in my opinion!

  2. Hey, explosions are plenty girly! I love them!

  3. Honestly, I kind of like not having that much explanation of the villain’s motivations in the original. The Lady Tremaine isn’t the Evil Queen or Maleficent, killing people (or trying to anyway) for little to no reason, she’s just lazy and prefers her blood daughters to her adoptive one.

  4. Obviously convenient to compare 2 Cinderella films from Disney than other film versions I suppose.

  5. Not going to lie, kind of wish Hyper had stayed arguing in favor of the remake’s Cinderella. I mean, I completely, 100% agree with the Critic, but still, if you’re going to have someone argue, leave them arguing with you.

  6. A randomly winner. Who would have thought. LOL.

  7. This might be my favorite Old Vs. New you’ve ever made!
    Prince – I agree the new is better.
    Villain – I agree the old is better.
    Supporting characters – Yep, I agree with you, the new is better.
    Pros and cons – I’m going with the new one.
    Cinderella – I agree, old one is better.
    Ha ha! I think “Ever After” isn’t as good as either of these! I didn’t do a cop-out!

  8. Great review! Honestly one of the best I’ve seen in a while. I have to agree on Ever After. Great solid story.

  9. CommanderZander

    Personally I would give the nod to the original Cinderella. It’s so nostalgic and really makes you believe in the story. Whereas the new one has so many question marks that I would probably ignore seeing it. I just enjoyed the fact that this video had…DEVIL BONER!!!!!! (insert explosion).

  10. The whole time I was thinking “Ever After was the better Cinderella movie.” And then, at the end… thank you, Doug Walker, thank you. *slow clap of appreciation*

  11. To tell everyone the truth, Cinderella was the very first Disney movie I remember watching when I was very young. I remember the evil stepmother scaring the crap out of me whenever she’s in the dark or whenever she gives the evil-eye. Over the years, I’ve seen other adaptations of Cinderella from that dream sequence in that episode of Gilligan’s Island to the made-for-TV Rogers & Hammerstein musical starring Starring Brandy and Whitney Houston (no joke). Last year, I got to see the Disney remake in theaters, and I really enjoyed it, about as much as I’ve enjoyed the Jungle Book remake.
    Oh, and I got a chance to see Ever After in theaters with my sister, and I also think it’s a really neat twist on the Cinderella story.

    I agree with HFG about that Prince joke, Critic. Too fuckin’ soon, dude. Besides, he did the songs in Tim Burton’s Batman (one of YOUR favorite movies).

  12. DeTroutSpinners

    I have Vessel access so this week I watched the White Washing video. I’ve been pretty vocal in highlighting your hypocrisy and pandering and will continue to do so (it is simply not acceptable to put Malcolm in “whiteface” then moan about it the other way around), but I will say I respect you a lot for the way you handle what is an incredibly uncomfortable subject matter. I don’t agree entirely with your conclusions but I agree with a lot more of it than I thought I would and I hope it doesn’t suffer the fate you joked it might, of being completely dismissed or completely accepted without a second thought. I went into it expecting a pious neo-liberal rant about how much white men suck unless they acknowledge how much the other ones suck (aka a Cracked.com video) but it was very intelligently covered and thought-provoking. It reminded me also of a time when a writer for the Telegraph slammed the show Come Fly With Me because one of its actors, Matt Lucas (a gay guy by the way, so someone who knows about institutional bigotry first-hand), wore blackface for one of its characters yet didn’t mention the fact that he also portrayed a Pakistani and a Japanese woman in the very same episode. That proves for me that many of those who cry ‘racist’ aren’t actually doing so out of true offence, otherwise they’d apply it equally. Their attempts at forcing PC on others yet doing so completely selectively actually makes me and many others want to contradict or ignore them and, thus, makes us more likely to miss genuine cases of prejudice, which I don’t wish to do.

    Anyway, as for Cinderella, to be honest both films are underwhelming. I’d love to see an Old vs New of Bedazzled at some point, I enjoyed both films but they also each have many problems (not least that both devils had terrible performances, Peter Cook underacting and Liz Hurley overacting). That would be a real treat for Halloween.

  13. Love the twist ending. Ever After IS the best.

  14. DEVIL-


  15. For these kind of movies you need some sort of… Nostalgia… Chick? Just an idea…

    • Yeah, we can’t have a man (and a woman) reviewing lady-things on a man-show! The fabric of society will completely break down!

      Though for what it’s worth, the artist formerly known as Nostalgia Chick did cover Ever After a few years ago, it’s on her youtube channel.

  16. So now that you’re mentioning Prince… are you going to make a review out of Purple Rain the Movie? Pretty please? ^_^
    Would love to see Malcolm dress up as Prince.

  17. Eh, I have to say I think Villain should’ve been a tie. Personally, if I had to pick between a villain that’s extremely terrifying and a villain a little less terrifying but that feels more human, I’d pick the latter every time. Just because someone’s a villain doesn’t mean they don’t decent characterization.

  18. Regardless of the whole Ever After last minute solution, based on the standard rules of this, victory would have to go to the original because the point of side characters is clearly for the old. Whether or not the side characters stay just that and don’t pull away from the main characters, if they remain just quietly on the side (and this IS slightly anthropomorphic behaving mice and birds) then it skewers into the point of not having them there because, again, just a bunch of mice and birds. So they kinda need to stand out just to be a point since they themselves are also critical elements. It’d be no different than a sidekick character (the kind that get Best Supporting at the Oscars) having some good focus not being one of the “main” characters. And in any case, the argument is too strong in favor of the original Fairy Godmother since the remake tries to hard to make it about the performance, since it’s Helena, than the depiction.

  19. Thank you so much for this. That ending argument about why the original Cinderella is the better female character really sums up why the original Disney film is my favorite movie and why I can’t stand the remake.

    Far too many people fail to understand that the romance isn’t the point of the story. The point behind Cinderella is to see a woman overcome her pass abuse and achieve a better life.

    The new Cinderella fails epicly at that because she never learns anything and her abuse is rendered hollow by being unnecessary cause she could leave at anytime.

    And to be honest, while Ever After is good, I honestly thing both the original Disney movie and the 90s Roger’s and Hammerstein version are better at showcasing Cinderella’s character development.

  20. just when you think Devil Boner cant get any better
    Serioulsy that character needs his own movie XD

  21. silverbrumbyfan

    I am so glad you talked about Ever After, when discussing the best Cinderella movie there is no contest it HAS to go to Ever After. It is a charming movie with great characters, dialogue and chemistry between the two lead actors. I love that it doesn’t include magic, magic to me with the Cinderella tale feels like a cheat and ruins the idea that that could one day happen to you (As a little girl anyway) but Ever After doesn’t use magic, it is all based on the character’s decisions and Danielle does get a lot of help from side characters but that is because she is good, kind and likeable she just doesn’t need magic to get her happy ending.

    I was never fond of the old Disney Princess movies (Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty), I found them boring and the songs were painful, they were kinda entertaining as a kid who didn’t know what makes a bad movie (Not saying it was bad I just don’t like it), the only reason I watch Sleeping Beauty is for the villain, the rest I skip (quickly before that annoying catchy song starts, more annoying than let it go)

    As for the new,the acting was decent and some of the characters were entertaining, Cinderella though, drove me crazy because she was just so sweet all the time. I still rooted for her because I did enjoy this movie, I just found her a bit dull

    • Between the American Adaptations, yes, but there are a couple of European takes on the story which are just as good as Ever After.

      And Sleeping Beauty is a masterpiece of animation!

      • Sleeping Beauty has stunning art (and imho the best music of any Disney musical, not surprising since most of the score was Tchaikovsky), but Aurora and Philip really are the least interesting characters there.

        But the faeries and Maleficent are so awesome that it’s ok that the title character has practically no personality.

  22. miss the old v new series and the what you never knew

  23. shadowwing7439

    This could be a good idea for a future editorial: Soundtracks in Movies, Whatever happened to those?

  24. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Posting this here so that I’ll get a response and I won’t get stuck on the 2nd page 😉 so someone respond when I do a full comment

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      Eh good episode Doug and I’ll just go watch ever after. Man though is that posted for ever after terrible but as for Cinderella movies,remake it is 😉

  25. As much as I hate to admit it, Ever After is indeed the better adaptation to Cinderella. But it isn’t my personal favorite though. Even though I did consider the modern-day 2015 version to be…. well, ‘okay’, the biggest problem I have with it is that it is forgettable. Aside from the villain, Prince and some of the visual effects, everything else is just bland. And while the cartoon does have the supporting characters invading too much screen-time, at least I enjoyed them and remember them well. Hell, even the villain and Cinderella are way more memorable and have some depth to them. The King and the Servant are fun to watch, especially the mice and Lucifer in my opinion. The animation is very well done and it is all around more memorable. So, in terms of second place, the cartoon version of Cinderella has to be my personal favorite.

  26. Holy hell, they really CGI’ed the shit out of Lily James’ waist!

    • Actually, that’s just the combination of an naturally thin actress, a tiny corset, and a liquid diet while filming to fit into the tiny corset.

      Though it is extreme enough that I’m not surprised people think it’s CGI. The fact that anyone looked at Lily James and said “needs to be skinnier” makes me rage.

  27. Huh, didn’t expect that ending, both Devil Boner and this Old vs. New. I guess I like the old because I’m completely nostalgic for it, and I completely ignored the new one because I don’t think it was a necessary movie.

    Now I want that Johnson McJustice. That is the most manliest thing I’ve ever seen.

  28. InsomniacFurre

    I dunno, I like the New Stepmother better personally. When a character is just a normal human, everything about them being normal and human is just more scary than them being an unknown and unknowable pure evil stereotype. And I hold this opinion for the same reason that the animated Cinderella is better than the new one. She’s just a better character.

  29. *Applause!* 😀 I loved this one! Enjoyable discussion and appreciated ending!

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